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Hop on board FrogWatch USA
new lgp frogwatchpic
Cheyenne Bottoms FrogWatch Chapter members found Great Plains narrowmouth toads last year a new species of frog recorded for Cheyenne Bottoms. This little toad was found in the Kansas Wetlands Education Centers parking lot.

With spring just around the corner, the third season for Cheyenne Bottoms FrogWatch Chapter is starting and volunteers are needed to help monitor our frogs and toads.
If you love all things amphibian, or just like the idea of being out-of-doors at twilight or after, this program is for you. A 2-hour training session will be held from 3 to 5 p.m., on March 16, at KWEC. Light refreshments will be served.
FrogWatch USA is a long-term volunteer monitoring program of frogs and toads. During training, participants learn the eight local frog and toad species’ calls, data collection techniques and all things amphibian. Monitoring takes place at a location within Cheyenne Bottoms for three minutes, twice a week during one month, which the participant chooses from April through August. It’s that simple.
A volunteer-driven program, participants log in and send their reports to the national center, operated by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. KWEC staff provide training and assistance. Each volunteer will receive a FrogWatch kit that includes a frog and toad call CD, data sheets, clipboard, thermometer and flashlight.
The 2013 season started out dry, with the frogs buried deep down underground but it ended with a spectacular chorus at the end of July, lasting through August. A new species for our area was discovered last year, the Great Plains narrowmouth toad.
So make the leap and sign up for a fun program - by calling KWEC at 1-877-243-9268 to register.