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Jobless numbers continue upward
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TOPEKA - The state’s July seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 4.1 percent, the Kansas Department of Labor reported Friday. This was up from 3.8 percent in June and unchanged from July 2015.

The July jobless rate in Barton County came in at 5.5 percent, followed by Pawnee County at 4.3. The figures were 5 percent in Barton County and 3.7 in Pawnee County in June of this year, and 4.9 and 4.4 in July, 2015.

The preliminary seasonally adjusted job estimates from the Kansas Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate Kansas nonfarm jobs decreased by 5,600 from June. Since last month, Kansas private sector jobs decreased by 4,600. The largest private sector over the month job decrease was in Professional and Business Services.

Over the year, Kansas lost 4,500 seasonally adjusted total nonfarm jobs. Kansas lost 2,900 private sector jobs since July 2015.

Kansas not seasonally adjusted nonfarm jobs decreased by 2,600, a 0.2 percent decrease since July 2015. Kansas lost 700 private sector jobs since last year, or 0.1 percent. The state lost 26,000 total not seasonally adjusted nonfarm jobs over the month, due to typical July losses in government. Since June, private sector jobs decreased by 5,900, or 0.5 percent.

“The Kansas portion of the Kansas City metro area gained jobs over the month, however those gains were not large enough to keep the statewide area from reporting a loss in jobs from June,” said Tyler Tenbrink, senior labor economist, Kansas Department of Labor.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics revised seasonally adjusted preliminary total nonfarm job estimates for June down by 2,100 jobs, from 1,403,400 to 1,401,300. Seasonally adjusted private sector jobs were revised down by 200 jobs, from 1,145,400 to 1,145,200.

Seasonally adjusted estimates for July show that the state’s labor force declined by 7,206 to 1,490,217. Of those in the labor force, 1,429,857 Kansans were employed and 60,360 were unemployed. This month’s net change in the labor force was attributable to 10,868 fewer Kansans counted as employed and 3,662 more unemployed.

Over the year, the labor force decreased by 7,023 persons, with a decrease of 5,917 in employment and a decrease of 1,106 in unemployment.

The labor force participation rate was 67.1 percent, down from 67.5 percent in June and down from 67.8 percent last July.

Information on procedures for producing Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS), e.g., labor force, estimates is available on the BLS website.

 The August 2016 Labor Report will be released on Friday, Sept. 16 .