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Join the Butterfly Quest
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Bordered patch Photo by Pam Martin The bordered patch butterfly, an uncommon butterfly in our area, is just one of many local butterfly species participants in Kansas Wetlands Education Centers butterfly count may find on July 25. This bordered patch was found at KWEC on July 6.

From tiny hairstreaks to large swallowtails, all sizes of butterflies will be counted during the Cheyenne Bottoms annual butterfly quest, beginning at 9 a.m. on July 25, at the Kansas Wetlands Education Center.
This is a great year to participate in the count, since species seldom seen this far west have been sighted. Several large yellow and black tiger swallowtails have been spotted in local gardens, along with the smaller, but brightly marked, bordered patch butterfly.
All that’s required for the count, is a pair of binoculars and keen eyes. KWEC will supply field guides and transportation. Participants will search fields and gardens in and around Cheyenne Bottoms by vehicle and foot, during this official North American Butterfly Association count.
The NABA Count is in its 41st year and gathers information to track population trends. Organized like the Christmas Bird Count, much of the count is done from a vehicle, with maps and data sheets provided. Please preregister by July 20, by calling KWEC at 1-877-243-9268 to reserve a spot or for more information.