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July 2020 marriage and divorce filings
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Marriage licenses

Russell Lane, Great Bend and Kilee Goble, Great Bend

Anthony Hopkins, Ellinwood and Sandra Belford, Ellinwood

Jose Pineda, Pratt and Blanca Moreno-Macias, Pratt

Paul Gillespie, Chase and Jessica Peterman, Lyons

Scott Bigelow, St. John and Gayla Brown, St. John

Shawn Clair, Great Bend and Sherrie Staub, Great Bend

Dallas Boeken II, Great Bend and Karen Bartone, Great Bend

Anders Lindariger, Pratt and Morgan Schmitt, Pratt

Alicia Grover, Manhattan and Zane Derusseau, Manhattan

Demi Bartonek, Olmitz and Casey Kraus, Ransom

Benjamin Blair, Otis and Ashley Lamb, Otis

Timoth Brooks and Tatum Dunekack

Nathan Monday, Chase and Ashton Brady, Chase

Jonathan Tovar, Great Bend and Monica Hernandez, Great Bend

Joshua Hulse and Kristen Williams

David Smith, Junction City and Aubree Border, Junction City

Pablo Maciel, Great Bend and WHitney Jimenez, Great Bend

Parker Rea, Pratt and Anissa Garcia, Pratt

Cameron Glendenning, Great Bend and Shantee Paul, Great Bend

Matthew Loomis, Iuka and Vanessa Stetler, Iuka

Divorce filings

Grant Smith vs Madyson Smith

Larrie Henning II vs Nicole Henning

David Figueroa vs Flor Sanchez

Jennifer Hernandez vs Jose Hernandez

Jessica Gower vs Chris Cower

Amanda Haugen vs Cory Akins

Ashley Blair vs Travis Blair

Stephen Weber vs Heather Weber

Lindsay Hames vs Richard Garcia

Debra Tucker vs Percy Tucker

Melissa Rein vs Thomas Rein