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Kans for Kids expands to Rice County
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Kans for Kids Fighting Cancer Foundation announced last week that its Outreach Program has begun in Rice County to provide financial and emotional assistance to children in Rice County diagnosed with cancer.
The organization started out in Hoisington in 1994 and expanded to include all of Barton County in 1996. In 2015, a new branch of Kans for Kids called Kans for Kids Outreach was begun in Russell County when assistance was needed for an infant in that area. After learning that a young boy, Layd’n Hinderliter, 9, Chase, was recently diagnosed, the board of directors voted unanimously to expand to Rice County.
According to Kans for Kids co-director Debbie Reif, the outreach programs will be operated with a pool of donations from each county.
“The outreach programs are set up to encourage others to host fundraisers for the children in their county with Kans for Kids providing up to $2,000 in matching funds annually for each child in those counties.
The matching fund pool for each county will come from donations received from that county as well as any cans collected. In a nutshell, we’re helping them help the children in their respective counties. This is all very experimental. Changes may need to occur as we move forward.”
Aluminum can recycling is a big part of Kans for Kids. The drop-off location for Rice County is at the Masonic Lodge, 912 West Main in Lyons. A container will be placed in Chase in the near future. Doug and T.J. Keesling and family, Lyons, have been instrumental in setting things in motion in Lyons.
“The Keeslings’ son battled cancer a few years back. Even though he wasn’t assisted by Kans for Kids, they were eager to help get the ball rolling in their area. It takes a village to make this all fall into place and work well. We’re very grateful to the Keeslings for their help,” said Reif.
Representatives of Kans for Kids are eager to provide information to the residents of both Rice and Russell counties and are available for informational programs to schools, groups and individuals.
For more information call 620-653-2210 or go to