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Kansas Originals 2011 Meet the Authors Event
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Kansas Originals Market and Gallery in Wilson is excited to announce our 2011 “Meet the Authors Event”, bringing together Kansas Authors from across the state. Join us from 11 a.m. through 3 p.m. for music, conversation, and storytelling.
Over a dozen Kansas Authors will be on-site to meet the public, discuss their work and do book signings. Our represented writers operate in a wide array of genres, including Art, History, Folklore, Fiction, Young Adult, Inspirational, and Cookbooks. Enjoy refreshments while talking with our talented authors, accompanied by live music from Jim Lawson.  The event kicks off at 11 a.m., continuing through the early afternoon with conversations and literary mingling.
At 3:30 p.m., selected authors will do a brief storytelling, opening the Annual Meeting of the Post Rock Opportunities Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation founded to promote Kansas Artists, craftsmen and food producers. This meeting is also open to the public, with visitors, board members, and authors invited to hear how the Foundation and Kansas Originals Market and Gallery are striving to support and promote the creative arts in Kansas. Join us for a light meal of sandwiches, salads and dessert following the meeting.
Kansas Originals Market and Gallery is located on the north side of the Wilson I-70 exit 206. Our annual Meet the Authors event is a great way to experience all our facility has to offer. For more information call 785-658-2602.
This program is presented in part by the Kansas Arts Commission, a state agency, and the National Endowment for the arts, a federal agency, which believes a great nation deserves great art.
Featured authors include:
Eunice Boeve, Phillipsburg, author of “Trapped!”, “The Summer of the Crow”, “A Window to the World”, “Maggie Rose and Sass”, “Ride a Shadowed Trail” - Eunice Boeve’s young adult fiction has garnered her inclusion in “Kansas State Reading Circle” and  “15 Notable Books for 2005” lists. Her first adult novel, “Ride a Shadowed Trail”, expands her American history-inspired writings to a new audience.
Sylvia Colombo, Topeka, author of “I Danced With Crazy Horse”.  - Sylvia Colombo’s work “I Danced with Crazy Horse” is a past life tribute to the great Lakota Chief Crazy Horse, reflecting Sylvia’s mystical experiences, conversations with her Spirit Guides, and journeys through a world just beyond, yet interlaced, with our own.  She was encouraged by the Spirit Grandmothers of This Galaxy to collect her writings in “I Danced with Crazy Horse”
Carolyn Hall, Shawnee, author of “Prairie Meals and Memories” - Carolyn Hall’s “Prairie Meals and Memories” draw on her native Kansas roots, where her articles, op-eds, and poetry have appeared in poetry collections, newspapers, and collections across the state. Her book offers recipes from the plains along with stories from past and present, giving a full ‘taste’ of Kansas.
Millie Horlacher, Colby, author of “Seasons of Salt” - Millie Horlacher’s inspirational writings have been published in Cappers, Alive Now, and Kansas Territorial.  She is a lay speaker in the United Methodist Church, and her book “Seasons of Salt” is filled with meditations on stewardship, servanthood, and the church family.
Doris Johnson, Abilene, author of “Gutsy Women” and co-author “As I Remember It”, “Apron Strings and Family Ties”.  - Doris Johnson’s biographical works about her mother’s life are rural history at its best.  Co-authored with her brother, Ray Imhof, they document life through the Great Depression and the Dirty Thirties. Her new book, “Gutsy Women”, focus in 16 women, facing adversity, whose biographies serve as female role models on the Great Plains.
Tom Mach, Lawrence, author of “Sissy!”, “All Parts Together”, “The Uni Verse”, “Stories to Enjoy”. - Tom Mach’s works have garnered attention nationwide, with “The Uni Verse” winning a Nelson Poetry Book Award, and his novels receiving a JH. Donald Coffin Memorial Award and recognition at the Hollywood Book Festival. His short story collection “Stories to Enjoy” contain memorial, poignant, thought-provoking narratives.
Terry Needham, Romeoville Ill., author of “Pesky Poems” and “When I Was a Child”.  - Terry Needhams’ Kansas-inspired book “Pesky Poems” draws from the authors experiences as a resident of Fairway Kansas.  She’ll also be premiering her new book, “When I Was a Child”, set in Hays, based on personal accounts of actual Kansas events.
Lora K. Reiter, Ottawa, author of “One was Annie”, “Snake in the Cradle”, “Animals Galore and Love Unconditional”. - Lora Reiter’s collections have been recognized with numerous awards, including a prestigious Seaton Award in both short story and poetry genres. Her diverse writings include essays, dramas, and an inter-generational study of rural poets. 
Jane Rhoads, Wichita, “Kansas Opera Houses:  Actors and Community Events”. - Jane Rhoads’ love of the theater led her to researching and documenting historic Opera Houses throughout Kansas. The resulting work is an invaluable look at the history, communities, and creatives found throughout Kansas from 1855 – 1925, and has been recognized as a Kansas Notable Book.
Cheryl Unruh, Emporia, author of “Flyover People: Life on the Ground in a Rectangular State” - Cheryl Unruh’s weekly column in The Emporia Gazette inspired her 2010 collection of essays “Flyover People”. Her exploration of the stories growing from the Plains have received awards from the Kansas Press Association, the Kansas Sampler Foundation, and the Kansas Association of Broadcasters.
Max Yoho, Topeka, author of “With the Wisdom of Owls”, “The Revival”, “Tales from Comanche County”, “Felicia, These Fish are Delicious”, “The Moon Butter Route” - Max Yoho is an award-winning author from America’s Heartland, producing humorous fiction, poetry, short stories, and essays. His mirth and humor inform stories about Bootlegging, personal histories, and keen observations drawn from a life lived in Kansas.