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KHP asking for publics input on tattoos
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The Kansas Highway Patrol is short in manpower statewide. In addressing this shortage, the agency is exploring ways of attracting more applicants for its trooper and other vacant positions. As an agency with a background of history and tradition, the agency has a tattoo policy, and as we move into 21st century policing, the Patrol is interested in what the public has to say or their thoughts on tattoos in law enforcement.
Currently the Patrol’s tattoo policy automatically disqualifies law enforcement officer candidates from the application process for having:
• Any offensive tattoo, scarification or brand, regardless of location on the body.
• Any tattoo, scarification or brand that would be visible when wearing an agency provided uniform or required work attire. Any such marking(s) appearing on the head, face, neck, hands, or arms (below the bottom of the bicep). (As a general rule, any marking(s) visible when wearing a short-sleeved v-neck shirt.)
There is a brief survey on Google Forms that the Patrol is asking community members and those in the public to fill out. The survey is short, but will provide the Patrol with valuable information. The survey will be open from Friday, Jan. 8, through Friday, Jan. 29. We value your input and look forward to hearing the responses. The Kansas Highway Patrol takes great pride in the quality of the candidates which we attract for the agency and our continued commitment is to providing Service-Courtesy-Protection to the citizens of the State of Kansas.