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Library offers advice for surviving winter weather
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The weather continues to throw snow, ice, and wind at us, and we at the library have been trying to stay warm. Since snow and ice are not extremely common here in Kansas, sometimes it can be difficult to feel safe when driving or traveling in wintery weather conditions. The most important thing to remember is that if you feel unsafe driving in the icy or snowy weather, it is best to avoid doing so unless necessary. 

Of course, if you must go out, there are some things you can do to keep yourself and the other drivers on the road safe. 

● Make sure your car is winterized, whether you do it yourself or take it to a professional. Be sure fluid levels are topped off, tires are properly inflated, and the gas tank always has at least half a tank of fuel.

● It can be helpful to practice driving in wintry conditions, especially if you are unused to it. Find an empty parking lot with some snow or ice and maneuver around slowly to learn what it feels like and how your vehicle will respond.

● Be prepared. Have warm clothing, and blankets or a sleeping bag with you in case of stalling, as well as a cell phone. Ice scrapers, a flashlight, and jumper cables are also recommended.

● Remember to stay even more alert than usual. Be prepared in case another vehicle slides through a stop sign, loses control on the road, etc. Keep an eye out for patches of snow or ice on the road, and avoid driving while fatigued.

● Slow down. Stopping distances increase exponentially on slippery roads, and slower speeds help keep you in control and allows you more time to react. 

● Be patient. Though you may have a vehicle that performs well in winter conditions, and you feel confident driving, other drivers may not. Don’t react to more cautious drivers in ways that may make you or others less safe.

● Do not use cruise control when the roads are wet or slippery.

Remember: safety first. Use more caution than you normally would, avoid traveling unless you must, and always wear your seat belt. You can find many more safe driving tips online by searching “winter driving.” Be safe out there!

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Michael Adamyk is the Marketing and Technical Services Manager at the Great Bend Public Library. He can be reached by email at