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Lincoln school dedicates their new electronic sign to Alvena Spangenberg
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Lincoln School remembered a very special lady on May 22, during an assembly in their front lawn. Lincoln PTO invited grades 3-6th to go outside to see the new dedication plague on their new electronic sign. The new dedication plague reads: In remembrance of Alvena Spangenberg for her loving dedication to her students
Mrs. Alvena Spangenberg was a principal at Lincoln school for several years. Spangenburg molded and shaped Lincoln school with her wisdom, patience, and love.
The Staff and PTO at Lincoln had been trying to think of a way to recognize Mrs. Spangenberg for all she did for their school. After Mrs. Spangenberg lost her very brave fight with cancer, they were desperate to find a way to honor and remember her.
Late into the school year last year, after the students had done extremely well on their cookie dough fundraiser, Mrs. Marilyn Dougherty, Lincoln’s secretary, gave PTO a request to purchase a new sign for the school.
Dougherty had come to Lincoln School to work beside Spangenberg several years prior. (Dougherty and Spangenberg worked together at another school and didn’t want to leave each other, so they moved to Lincoln School together) Dougherty was one of the hardest working, most committed, compassionate employees at Lincoln School and she never asked for anything, so PTO didn’t have to think about it for very long before they unanimously agreed to buy a new sign. Right away the group decided to dedicate the sign to Mrs. Spangenberg.
Mrs. Spangenberg was an exceptional principal, she had a heart of gold and treated everyone like they were very important to her, because they were very important to her.
Spangenberg’s dedication and love for each and every student went over and beyond. There is no doubt that Mrs. Spangenberg found her calling in life, she was meant to be in education. If you ever hear her name brought up, it is always a very positive conversation. She had gained great respect from students, teachers, and parents.
In asking Mrs. Dougherty about Mrs. Spangenberg, she couldn’t say enough good things about her as a person, co-worker, and friend. Mrs. Dougherty said Mrs Spangenberg put her students, staff, and school at the top of her priority list, right under her husband and children. Mrs. Dougherty also shared that Mrs. Spangenberg was attacked with hugs from her students every day. It didn’t matter if the student had just finished lunch and had crunchy, munchy chili all over their face and shirt, she gave them a squeeze anyways. Mrs. Spangenburg was always dressed in beautiful, dry-clean-only clothes, but her students were way more important to her than her wardrobe.
Mrs. Spangenberg’s husband, Ken Spangenberg and her daughter, Stephanie Simpson both came to honor Alvena during the sign dedication. Mrs. Spangenberg’s two other children, Keegan and Natalie regrettably could not attend. Marilyn Dougherty, who retired from Lincoln last year, was present for the sign dedication, along with most of the Lincoln staff.
Lincoln students and staff feel very blessed to have had Mrs. Spangenberg as our principal. She will always be remembered in the halls.