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Welcome Inn What Nots
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Activities Aug. 28-Sept. 3
Ice Cream Social — Sunday 4 p.m. There will be a movie along with the ice cream. Everyone is welcome.
Coffee Time — Tuesday 9:30 a.m. Bring food to share, or just show up
Balance and Flexibility Class — Tuesday and Friday 11 a.m. About a 30-minute class led by Betty Tauscher
Crafts — Thursday 1 p.m. There are several on going projects
Wii games —  Every day 11 a.m. Wii games. Come in and play a variety of fun games
Mexican Train (dominoes) game. Every day following lunch.  Come play with us
Anniversaries: Tuesday — Wayne and Virginia Brownlee
Wednesday — Joe and Helen Haberman
Thursday — Bill and Mary Kerns
Saturday — Gerry and Jewel Lewis
Birthdays: Monday — Neal McNerney, Teresa Koehn
Tuesday — Marcheta Jacobson
Wednesday — Helen Haberman, Willis Healzer
Friday — Milton Heibert   
Did you know?
Well balanced and nutritious meals are served for lunch at the Welcome Inn, Monday thru Friday. Meals are served with milk; donations for coffee and tea are accepted. Meals are $3 for those 60 years or older and $5 for those younger than 60 years of age. Takeout meals and frozen meals are available. Meal coupons are available.
• Law of Mechanical repair - After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch and you’ll have to go to the bathroom.
• Law of Probability - The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act.
• Law of Close Encounters -  The Probability of meeting someone you know increases dramatically when you are with someone you don’t want to be seen with.