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March Marriage and Divorce filings
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Marriage Licenses
Nicholas Lee Curtice, Hoisington and Pennyleann Fry, Great Bend
David Justin Hawkins, Chase and Angela Kay Barney, Chase
Christopher Daniel Maser, Great Bend and Jacquelyn Anne Jirak, Great Bend
Cipriano Chavex Ontiveros, Great Bend and Brenda Yazmin Dominguez, Great Bend
Kenneth Jerome Becker, Great Bend and Angela Dawn Ratcliffe, Great Bend
Alexander Michael Gonzalez, Ellinwood and Elizabeth Annette Zorn, Ellinwood
Leif Allen Andrulis, Great Bend and Marsha Annette Disque, Great Bend
Dustin James Turner, Great Bend and Tara Kay Kershner, Great Bend
Jason Allan Walker, Great Bend and Kristy Danielle Walker, Great Bend
Larry William Schneider, Great Bend and Marcia Lorraine Bishop, Great Bend
Tyler James Nairn, Great Bend and Jessica Lynn Denney, Great Bend
Coby Hal Siefert, Great Bend and Angela Dawn Martin, Great Bend
Reynaldo Moreno, Great Bend and Blanco Leticia Fabela Luna, Great Bend
Eduardo Gutierrez, Great Bend and Claudia Marina Garcia, Great Bend

Divorce Filings
Toni Rice vs Benjamin E. Rice
Amanda Mae Ritchie Caple vs David John Caple
Heidi Michelle Winholtz Newsome vs Jeffery Kurtis Newsome
James Jackson vs Krissy Jackson
Pamela J. Stos vs Michael Stos
Jennifer Jeneen McReynolds vs Shawn McReynolds
Daniel B. Steffen vs Claudia A. Steffen
Teresa C. Godfrey vs Austin W. Godfrey
Rose Herrman vs Allen T. Herrman
Claudia Wyatt vs Timothy J. Wyatt
Julie K. Rector vs Mark Rector
Chelsea Zenitha Hawkins vs Dustin Lee Hawkins
Christopher Joseph Redetzke vs Erica Redetzke
Jennifer Miller vs Jason Miller
Nicholas Nelson vs Katherine Nelson
Debra Deann Miller vs Robert LeRoy Miller