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Marshall easily wins re-election
Congressman sad about loss of House majority
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Roger Marshall

Dr. Roger Marshall easily won his bid for re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday, defeating challenger Alan LaPolice by a landslide.

Marshall (R-Great Bend) was leading with 68 percent of the votes with 1,239 of 1,381 precincts reporting statewide at 11 p.m. Tuesday. LaPolice (D-Clyde) was his only opponent.

In Barton County, Marshall’s victory was even stronger. In the unofficial final count on Tuesday, the county election officer reported he had more than 74 percent of the vote, with 6,258 ballots compared to 2,132 for LaPolice and 15 write-ins.

Marshall was back in Great Bend Tuesday and spent part of the night watching election results with good friends at the home of Jim and Dana McVay.

“We’ve been following the House races across the country,” he said. “We certainly appreciate the support of my home county, but it looks like we’re losing the majority in the House side. I appreciate the positive personal victory but I’m sad about losing the House majority.”

Marshall credited his win to his relationships with Kansans in the agriculture and oil industries and in the military. In the past two years, he’s conducted more than 100 town halls — the third-most of any congressman. He’s visited every county in the Big Red One at least three times and some eight or nine times.

“Sen. Dole always talked about, ‘always remember where you’re from.’ He says the people of Kansas will tell you what to do. I do think (the election results are) a report card for what we’ve done,” Marshall said.

“It’s all about relationships. I’m in their court fighting for all things Kansas,” he said. “Kansas agriculture stuck beside us through thick and thin and I appreciate that.”

He said he’ll continue to fight for Kansas farmers. He was excited to get the “NAFTA 2.0” trade agreement done and now he’s looking forward to reaching a trade agreement with China.