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May 2019 marriage and divorce filings
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Marriage licenses

Kyle Vierra, Great Bend and Sarah Bay, Great Bend

Joseph Rolf, Great Bend and Joanna Simmons, Great Bend

Seif Eddine Ghalem, Great Bend and Kaityln Zecha, Great Bend

Cody Price, Overland Park and Kaylyn Oberle, Claflin

Thomas Hughes, Great Bend and Frances Riegel, Great Bend

Valente Favela, Great Bend and Jasmine Adams, Great Bend

Jacob Davis, Great Bend and Stacy Rocha, Great Bend

Lyle Brown, Hoisington and Courtney Dobyns, Hoisington

Rex Ross, Ellinwood and Anna Isern, Great Bend

Donald Raybern, Radium and Christine Hemphill, Radium

Omar Acosta, Cypress, Texas and Yessenia Bustamante, Great Bend

Logan Reinert, Great Bend and Macy Stambaugh, Great Bend

Gino Chamagua, Great Bend and Catie Stark, Great Bend

David Roat, Great Bend and Tracy Hutton, Wichita

Adam Lindh, St. John and Kelly Newman, St. John

Shaun Dobratz, Great Bend and Stacy Polkinghorne, Great Bend

Miguel Jimenez, Hoisington and Carmen Jones, Hoisington

Divorce filings

Dustin M. Vance vs Alyssa S. Vance

Jacquelie M. Hunter vs Jeremy K. Hunter

Tawnya Davis vs Keith Ervin Davis

Jennifer L. McCallie vs Jacob M. McCallie

Brent Shane Allen vs Ashley Jo Allen

Chris R. Henry vs Jake N. Henry

Marcus Todd Snow vs Monica L. Snow

Fred Allan Kober Sr. vs Iris Delda Kober