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Moving out
Long John Silver's, A&W closed
new_deh_long john silvers-AW closing pic.jpg

All the signage has been removed from the building that housed the A&W and Long John Silver’s restaurants at 3800 10th in Great Bend. The two long-time fast food establishments are closed at that location, said Eric Estes, part of Pratt-based Estes Enterprises, a restaurant management company that operates several franchises in Kansas. According to Estes, their franchise agreement was up for LJS and there were new company requirements to renew it. It would have been difficult to update the current free-standing building. He said they would like to reopen in Great Bend if they can find the right property, ideally at the end of an existing retail space like a strip mall. Although two separate companies, Estes Enterprises holds the franchise for both LJS and A&W and would like to relocated them to the same site if they can.