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INA offers health insurance
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ELLINWOOD — Nurses who need access to affordable health insurance or who can’t afford to keep theirs under COBRA after losing their jobs can find relief from the Independent Nurses Association.

INA, a new association with headquarters in Ellinwood, was formed to support nurses and health care facilities as well.

"Nurses are passionate about their work and we are passionate about supporting them," said Nick Strecker, executive director of INA which also offers continuing education, purchasing discounts, business management, and other perks for members.

INA is able to provide insurance choices to its members through an agreement with Associated Health Programs from Overland Park, which specializes in providing insurance to associations such as INA.

AHP administers the insurance needs of more than 300 national associations representing three million people, according to Strecker who said INA members are guaranteed the best insurance options available on the market from national "A" rated carriers at a lower cost.

"Joining such a large group not only makes shopping for insurance easier, it has saved individuals as much as 50 percent on their insurance costs," Strecker said.

Health care facilities are able to take advantage of group insurance for their staff as well through membership in INA. Group plans for up to 1,000 employees are available.

Nurses and facilities also have the opportunity to gain financially from an employment practice doctors have used for many years.

As independent contractors, nurses currently working through staffing agencies can earn more for their work while charging the facilities less by eliminating agency fees. They can also benefit from tax law which allows them to deduct expenses such as travel.

INA provides all the business management functions the nurses working as independent contractors need and the management fee is tax deductible as well.

For more information on INA, contact Executive Director Nick Strecker at 913-905-9243 or visit the INA website at