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Parole Board’s public comment sessions will be online
King eligible for hearing; Sessions set for Nov. 18-20
Cody Wayne King
Cody Wayne King - photo by Kansas Department of Corrections

The Prisoner Review Board’s public comment sessions will be held online this month using a Zoom Webinar platform, as part of a continued effort to be more accessible to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sessions will be offered on Nov. 18 and 20.

The Prisoner Review Board will not be hosting in-person sessions at specific venues during the month of November. 

Those interested in attending or submitting correspondence to the board may do so by registering and joining the scheduled Zoom Webinar and/or by mailing written comments to the Kansas Department of Corrections, Prisoner Review Board; 714 SW Jackson St., Suite 300; Topeka, KS 66603.

Public Comment Forms in support or opposition in regard to offenders included on the November docket can be found online at

No public comment sessions held in December

The Prisoner Review does not hold Public Comment Sessions during the months of April, July and December on an annual basis. Offenders scheduled to have public comments heard during this time will be included in the prior month’s public comment sessions.

The only inmate with a conviction in the Golden Belt who is eligible for a review hearing in December is Cody Wayne King, 37.  He is serving a sentence for first-degree murder, committed Jan. 19, 2001, in Shawnee County. King also has an Ellsworth County conviction for solicitation of trafficking contraband at the Ellsworth Correctional Facility in 2003. King is currently incarcerated out-of-state.