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Parole violations lead to jail

Last Friday was not a good day to be someone in violation of probation or in possession of drugs, according to Barton County Attorney Amy Mellor. Several individuals who violated their probation are now facing prison confinement as a result.
The cases were all heard by District Judge Scott McPherson.
Among the cases heard:

After being placed on probation two years ago for a methamphetamine offense, John P. Stevenson reappeared in Barton County District Court after being convicted in Hays on a separate felony charge. As a result of the new conviction, Stevenson’s probation in his Barton County case was revoked and he was ordered to serve 30 months of confinement.

Harold Jason Hunt was ordered to serve a total of 48 months of prison confinement due to his probation violations in two different cases, both felonies. Hunt was originally convicted on one case of criminal damage to property and in the other he was convicted on a charge of possession of methamphetamine; both charges were felonies.

Robert Stanley Jr. was sent to the Kansas Department of Corrections for 40 months on a felony conviction for possession of marijuana. Stanley had been on probation in another case from Tennessee when he committed the new crime in Kansas. Tennessee authorities have announced that they will seek Stanley’s extradition due to his probation violations in that state.

And, Harold Norman’s probation was revoked and he was ordered to serve 34 months confinement with the Kansas Department of Corrections. Norman was originally convicted of felony marijuana possession but he did not follow the conditions of his probation and it was revoked.

In a separate case, Brett Hammond was ordered to serve a total of 33 months of confinement following convictions for residential burglary and theft. Hammond was sentenced after being convicted of both felony and misdemeanor crimes and his past record in several other states did not help him. He’ll serve a majority of the 33-month sentence in prison, while the remainder will be served in a county jail.

And, Crystal Duncan was placed on probation after being convicted of forgery. Earlier this year, Duncan forged several checks and passed them to a local merchant. When she was arrested Duncan was also found to be in possession of methamphetamine. Because she was also the subject of a warrant from Louisiana she’ll be extradited back to that state.

The cases were prosecuted by County Attorney Mellor and Assistant County Attorneys Douglas Matthews and Colin Reynolds.