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'A Family Reunion to Die For'
A Family Reunion to Die For Cast
Courtesy Photo The cast list and directors featured (Meredith Rogers) Gretchen Wilcox, owner of Wilcoxs Western Bed & Breakfast; (Rachael Herter) Connie Carlson, new maid; (Carrie Kellie) Beatrice Googleheimer, cranky cook; (Brianne Smith) Christine Franklin, Freddies wife; (Ethan Banman) Freddie Franklin, wannabee detective; (Jahman Hill) Costumed Guest, comic book enthusiast; (Danni Chilcott) Lola Matthews, former show girl; (Christine Orr) Carla Jo Michaels, Texan squirrel hunter; (Dallas Munden) Rhonda Mae Michaels, Carla Jos sister; (Michael Wysong) Neil Camp, mime manager; (Allison Stejskal) Molly, hungry mime; (Hannah Smith) Minnie, another mime; (Derik Trimmer) Joel March, nasty hotel critic; (Nolan Allison) Stefan Livingston, theater stage actor; (Alex Lessard) Suzanne Livingston, theater stage actor; (Jessica Johnson) Rachel Shanklin, eccentric anthropologist; (Brenden Lewis) Robert Shanklin, eccentric anthropologist; (Jeret Johnson, Shealon Calkins, Veronica Higgins, Sarah Liston) Group of Mimes; Director Michael Wysong; Assistant to Mrs. Janet Fleske Tylisha Calkins; Tech Manager Logan VanHorn; and Set Director Jessica Johnson.

“A Family Reunion to Die For” was presented by Over Actors’ Anonymous of Larned High School in partnership with Prairie Arts Unlimited recently.