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Andreus Tucker writes about Santa Fe Trail
andreas tucker3
Andreus Tucker

By Andreus Tucker

This is what they did in the 1800s when they went across Kansas in covered wagons.
Children usually had a treasure chest to keep stuff they found on their way or what they played with.
I thought they played with horseshoes or baseball. They would put a metal stake in the ground.
For baseball, they got sticks and hit the ball. When they played, they had a lot of different rules than they do now.
They played marbles with the shooter ball to hit the smaller ones.
And they had to string to go fishing with the hook and bait to catch fish.
They probably skipped rocks across a pond or a lake if they were outside. The rocks they used had to be flat so they could jump across the water.
For music, maybe they played the harmonica. It had a nice sound to play for something to do if you were at home.
They might have had a job and had some spare keys for a cash register.
They could of liked birds and kept their feathers from a bird’s nest in a tree.
They could have shared their chest with a sister and had a paper doll that she played with.
This is what I think they did going across Kansas.
It was hard to find all my stuff. We looked everywhere. We even looked at the library.
My family helped me find all my stuff.
A friend helped me find my bird’s nest. His name was Dr. Clapsaddle.
My grandpa gave me his old horseshoe, the marbles and the old cash register keys.
My grandma gave me the paper, doll, baseball and harmonica, skipping rock and the ball of yarn.
I found most if my stuff at my grandparent’s house, like the horseshoe I found at my grandpa’s shed.
My doll that I have — my grandma made it.
I will thank them after.
The End.