One seriously injured in Great Bend explosion
One person received what were described as critical injuries in an explosion reported at 3:08 a.m. Wednesday at 705 10th St. in Great Bend.
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Bad weather provides inspiration
A Womans View
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One of the best loved and appreciated artists of our time was anybody out there with an extra pair of ice skates?
I think we needed them this past weekend! Thanksgiving blew in a surprise, didn’t it? And it surprised Black Thursday and Friday, Orange Saturday, Red Sunday, and even Cyber (what color?) Monday.
People stayed home!
I decided to find out what we all do when there’s no option but to stay home!
I polled friends and acquaintances. Thank you everyone for your kind responses!
The desk clerk at Fitness 1 was my first victim. A young mother with three little kids, she didn’t hesitate to fill me in. Does anyone remember what it is like to be trapped inside with little kids? Hello?!
She played their favorite games with them. They wanted to play “Barbie” and “Barbie” was not “mom’s” favorite game. True sacrifice on her part, but in the interest of boredom relief for the kids, she cooperated!
“I really like to clean and arrange things. It’s probably because I am a bit obsessive compulsive.” So, she rearranged all the living room furniture, cleaned under things, dug into disordered areas and organized clutter. She even moved her Christmas tree to another location in the house. Energy!
Gertrude’s response to my question “How did you spend the weekend”? was, “I can’t remember!”
“One day runs into another”, she added jokingly! She and Perceville hunkered down, she added. They took care of their ailing, diabetic Jack Russell terrier and even gave him shots. She and her husband both work full time so they enjoyed the solitude.
Lindabelle and her husband hosted family over the weekend. This is what she wrote:
“The hordes descended and we had a blissful few days of cooking — Everyone in the kitchen doing their own personal recipes - squeezing in quick games of Rummy or Trivial Pursuit in between entertaining, refereeing or attending to the little ones, craft projects with the older grandkids, and of course football games playing on every T.V”
Now, Freda is a gal after my heart. I too, get the “munchies”when I am tucked in the house. It’s time for cocoa, I rationalize! Freda remarked, “Eating leftovers and washing bedding...guests leaving slowly.... which is good as it can suddenly get too quiet after a houseful of holiday celebrating!
So far, it seems that if we were going to experience this weather, that it happened at a good time, during a holiday!
Jim M. watched football too; played video games with the grandchildren, ate home-cooked meals, watched Christmas-y movies on television, and decorated for Christmas…like six Christmas trees at last count! Good job, Mr. M! Can I see some pictures?
Tricia commented:” I dragged out Christmas decorations and nearly finished the main level. Did some mending I have had piled up. (Didn’t get it all done) We watched football games and several movies. ..”
Mending! What?
And then don’t forget the naps. Oh yes! Naps!! Why do we get MORE tired inside doing nothing than when we are outside doing much! Go figure.
Clarabelle and her guy played “Pie in the Face” (with whipping cream) with the family! All ages participated. Then they played Koosh guns in the darkened room. “Koosh guns light up, make noise, and shoot balls that glow in the dark. Ate too much of course!”
We all know what the men enjoyed the most! Football! Basketball!
I watched sports too, but fixated on the rain, the sleet, the hail, and the cold that the teams were playing in, and I noticed the fans in their gigantic, padded, stuffed coats getting soaked. That’s how I spent part of one day.
It seems that everyone enjoyed the solitude and respite from daily pressure. Every one mentioned the food! The movies on TV, the grandchildren, the kids, and the serious decorating finally could begin.
All in all, we all probably agree that we’re glad the temperature has warmed up again. . But, in the meantime, save some mending for the next big one.
In fact, I will send mine to your house, OK?    

“A Woman’s View” is Judi Tabler’s reflection of her experiences and events. She is a wife, mother, writer, teacher, grandmother, and even a great grandmother.