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City tennis courts on hold; LHS gets air conditioning
Fort Larned 495 school board
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Former Larned High tennis player Jeret Johnson stretches line tape at Doerr-Vernon Park. - photo by JIM MISUNAS Great Bend Tribune

LARNED — The Fort Larned USD 495 school board met in May and June to discuss tennis courts and air conditioning business.
Board members present in May were June Barger, Jay Haremza, Brenda Hagerman, Leroy Lyon, Kevin Reece, Sharon Lessard, Jon Flint, superintendent, and Phil Martin, board attorney. Absent were board member Jenny Manry and Tiffany Burris, board clerk.

Lane Massey, Larned city manager, addressed tennis court needs and renovations with the board.
He discussed that the city would be requesting bids for resurfacing Moffet Stadium courts, but due to summer recreation programs they would not be requested until possibly July.
He stated that there is also support within the city council for renovating Doerr Vernon Park courts, but there had been no official vote thus far.
June Barger asked Massey if resurfacing the Moffet Stadium courts would be a temporary fix. Massey stated that the process the city is looking at is a possible five-year fix with repainting being needed in a couple years. Jay Haremza questioned whether the Larned Recreation would be involved with the renovation of the courts. He asked if there was any truth to the fact that the Doerr Vernon courts would be locked after school was out.
Massey shared that the plan was to in fact lock the courts once school was no longer in session due to liability issues. Massey stated that they would be locked and signage would be put up. Sharon Lessard asked what the timeline was on the completion of the resurfacing of the courts.
Flint stated that it depended on which route the district decided to take as far as the over lay or concrete. Jay Haremza stated that all groups need to begin to work together for the completion of the courts. June Barger asked if a committee needed to be formed.
Flint stated that we could involve community groups. Massey shared that the city understood there is a need for tennis court renovation and they do not wish to be a hurdle in the process. June Barger asked if the city council will be discussing this again in future meetings. Massey stated that it would be discussed further.
Daryl Gobin, maintenance director said projects include installation of air conditioning units at LHS, a key card system at LHS, tile at LHS, carpet in LMS hallways, and a sprinkler system at the practice field.
Sharon Lessard asked Gobin about watering of the football field. Gobin stated that it is early in the watering season and Pro-Green had been contacted to begin working on it.
On April 29, the city had sent notice to the school district to not run the sprinklers at the middle school or football field for a period of time. The district is now allowed to water in the early morning. June Barger asked if the field is in good shape. Gobin stated that yes it is.
Jon Flint said that during the summer the district allows the grass to grow taller so coaches will have a fast field in the fall. June Barger asked if the sprinkler is on a timer. Gobin stated that it is on a schedule and eventually it will be watering every day.
Gobin stated that the district is ready for Phase 3 of the installation of air conditioning units at Larned High School.
Gobin stated that these units are energy efficient and quiet. Kevin Reece moved to let bids for the purchase and installation of air conditioning units at Larned High School.
The board met again June 2. June Barger, president, called the special meeting to order. Other board members present were Brenda Hagerman, Leroy Lyon, Kevin Reece, Sharon Lessard, Jon Flint, superintendent, Phil Martin, board attorney, Tiffany Burris, board clerk. Absent were board members Jay Haremza and Jenny Manry.
Daryl Gobin presented bids that were received to install air conditioning units at the Larned High School.
Sharon Lessard inquired whether the district had invited other companies to bid. Gobin stated that invitations had also gone out to Adams Electric & Plumbing, Pratt; and Sturgeon Plumbing and AC, Hutchinson.
Kevin Reece moved to accept the bid of $95,500 from Rube’s Inc. for the purchase and installation of air conditioning units at Larned High School.
It was discussed that the budget was not going to need to be republished after further review and information from the state had been received. Sharon Lessard moved to remove Item 4 from the agenda.
The meeting was adjourned.