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Commission hears about Pawnee Valley Community Hospital progress
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Photo by Jim Misunas Great Bend Tribune Construction progress is continuing on the $18.3 million Pawnee Valley Community Hospital.

LARNED — The Pawnee County Commission met at 9 a.m. March 19 for a regular meeting at the Pawnee County Courthouse. The following are approved minutes submitted by Pawnee Commission clerk Ruth Searight.
9 a.m. — Pawnee County commissioners Donna Pelton, chair, and Kathy Bowman were present. John C. Haas was absent.
• Darold Bussard, Pawnee County custodian was present. He discussed an issue with the security outside doors.
• Commissioners signed Change Order No. 2011-48.
• Commissioners decided not to have maintenance on their old copier, as parts are no longer available and it is not working. They requested Bussard properly dispose of the copier.
• After discussion, commissioners requested County Clerk Searight obtain copies of  Wind Farm documents from Butler, Comanche, Barber, and other counties that have wind farms.
• Kathy Jadwin, Pawnee County treasurer, informed the commissioners that the State of Kansas will change out their computer system beginning May 1.
After the close of business at 4 p.m. April 30, 2012, the State of Kansas will not be able to process any motor vehicle statements until after May 5, 2012. Jadwin will put some notices in The Tiller and Toiler.
• Scott King, Pawnee County sheriff, gave an update on their new K-9 named Dutch.
• Commissioners read and approved minutes of March 12, 2012.
• Kurt Demel, Pawnee County highway administrator, gave updates on activities, plans and goals. He informed commissioners they will help plant trees at Camp Pawnee.
• Commissioners discussed the upcoming meeting April 5.
• Commissioners sorted through mail.
11:30 a.m. — Jenny Manry, Larned Pride committee, discussed the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Grant for Camp Pawnee.
Manry presented a check for $3,257 raised at the soup supper and
other donations for the matching funds for the United Way of Central     Kansas Grant.
Manry reports Fort Hays personnel will visit Larned April 27 to plant trees from a grant.
She gave an update on the playground equipment from grants.
Manry discussed the campsites and how close they are together and some possible ideas for a few more campsites.
She gave updates on other grants and grant applications
1:30    p.m. — Matt Heyn, PVCH Administrator, Shae Veach,  HaysMed, Vice-President Operations, and John Settle, Pawnee County Attorney, were present.
Heyn gave commissioners a copy of  a document titled:  Improving    CAH Financial and Operational Performance, Rural Health     Symposium, Kansas Hospital Association, March 2, 2012, for their review.
Heyn gave an operations update.
Heyn said David Alcindor, M.D., is the emergency department, fully in charge physician.
He gave an update on construction of new Pawnee Valley Community Hospital.
Heyn projected the installation date for the new 64 slice, low dose, CT scanner, in memory of Lewis Young’s wife, Pat, will be January of 2013.
Heyn discussed the Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Foundation and hiring a director.
He gave updates on the WPS, overpayments from Medicare that have been paid back.
Heyn gave an update on added cancer chemotherapy.
The figures have not been put together to see about adding Ultra-Sound.
Heyn requested that the April 23, 2012, meeting start at 1:15 p.m., due to another meeting that is scheduled. Commissioners agreed.
He gave updates on the patient lifts. Medical staff would like eight lifts, and commissioners requested that they put the change order in writing for the commissioners to make a decision.
Commissioners discussed the roller shades versus blinds.
Commissioners discussed the Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Foundation Bylaws.
Commissioners accepted and approve the bylaws.
Heyn informed them that the Sleep Study Program was about $10,000 lessthan budgeted, and the total cost would be $45,490. Heyn will send a statement to County Clerk Searight to pay.
• Commissioners discussed a proposed state bill that would delete sales tax on groceries.
• Commissioners discussed the need for the 60 additional forensic beds at the Larned State Hospital, and State Representative Bill Wolf, District 112, from Great Bend.
• Commissioners discussed the PVCH Foundation.
3:30 p.m. — The meeting was adjourned.
The next meeting was scheduled at 9 a.m. March 26.