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Computer trails leads to author
A Woman's View
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Judi Tabler

This writer possesses the dubious honor of being the publicity chairperson for the Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Auxiliary.
As I have mentioned before, it’s the hardest working group to which I have ever belonged.
The latest endeavor involves the very successful hospital “Gift Shoppe,” run and managed by several more energetic women than I.
They are the buyers, the arrangers, the pricers; and their efforts pay off well. The gift shop is attractive and popular. It provides extra income for the Auxiliary which in turn buys needed items for the hospital.
The women, Meribeth Busenbark, Laurie Seeman, and Carolyn Haas, deserve some applause for the time they donate. Besides the Larned assignment, the three travel to Dallas, Texas twice a year to buy items for the “Shoppe.”
Several weeks ago, the ladies decided to run a sale. It will be a good one! They slash prices! The “sidewalk sale” will be held in the conference room of the hospital on Friday, Aug. 12, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
I was assigned to write up a short notice for the paper
I did just that. I sent it to Carolyn, I thought, to see if I got the facts right.
I remembered everything, and she approved. But since it was too early to publish at that time, I filed it in my computer documents for safe keeping.
Time passed. I forgot about it.
Then, Meribeth reminded me to not forget to get it into the paper this week.
“Oh sure,” I said, acting like I had not forgotten “my” responsibility — but I had!
I returned home, plopped down at the computer, and decided to quickly pull the document up and get it sent. Two and a half hours later, I was still looking!
Where did that article go?
If I had to hide something to save my own life, I could never hide it like I hide things when I have no intention of hiding them!
Did you follow that?
I put my good glasses somewhere in a safe “place” about six months ago and haven’t seen them since.
Does anyone out there identify?
So after trying to remember what name I gave the document and after searching my documents, downloads, and picture files, I gave up.
I called Carolyn.
“Say, would you help me? I have been at the computer looking for the article with all the details for the hospital sidewalk sale this week, and I can’t seem to find it. I did send a copy to you a while back. Can you get your hands on it?”
She sighed and replied, “Ohhhh. I am looking. (groaning). I don’t remember you sending it to me. But I am looking.”
Me: “I remember sending it to you. You proof read it for details. Don’t worry about it. I forget things all the time. No big deal. But if you find it, send it to me.”
Her: “I am still looking. I just don’t remember.” (groan)
Me: “Maybe if you give me the details; time, place, date, I can rewrite it?”
She: “Oh, I don’t remember any of the details. Maybe you should call Meribeth and get them. She can give you what you need.”
I went through my e-mails again, searching. I thought, “Just for the fun of it, I will look at the correspondence with Meribeth and Laurie. But I KNOW I sent it to Carolyn. Poor girl. She sure is getting forgetful!”
Guess what?
I found the coveted article. Carolyn was NOT involved. No wonder SHE didn’t remember. I had visited with Laurie and Laurie was the one who approved the little write-up!”
Me: (to Fred) I am the one who forgot; not Carolyn. Ha. I told her she couldn’t remember and it was ME!”
Fred: “This little story would make a good article”
Me: “Here I accused Carolyn of being forgetful. Maybe if I confess this little faux pas of mine, that the Auxiliary will fire me!”
Wishful thinking.

“A Woman’s View” is Judi Tabler’s reflection of her experiences and events. She is a wife, mother, writer, teacher, grandmother, and even a great grandmother. Contact Annie at pprarieannie@gmailcom