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December Spotlight students chosen
December spotlights
Larned Highs Student Spotlight December winners are from left, Colton Massey, Academics; Katelyn Baker, Leadership/Service; Josh East, Fine Arts; Isiah Perez, Athletics

LARNED — Larned High School has announced its most recent Student Spotlight selections for December —Colton Massey, Academics; Katelyn Baker, Leadership/Service; Josh East, Fine Arts; Isiah Perez, Athletics

Colton Massey, So.
Colton demonstrates an outstanding work ethic in the classroom and takes challenging classes with the expectations of achieving academic excellence.
He sets a goal and then diligently works to attain it, often coming in before or after school to acquire understanding with difficult concepts.
Colton listens intently in class and asks high level questions in order to gain understanding, which fosters an environment for academic excellence.
He works hard as an individual, but also is willing to take the lead in group activities, soliciting thoughts and ideas from the other students and valuing their input.
Because of his commitment to excellence in the classroom, Colton is a perfect fit for the December Spotlight in Academics.

Katelyn Baker, Jr.
A true service-oriented person also becomes a positive leader by example. Katelyn quietly performs a variety of services both in and out of the classroom without fanfare or without the need to be rewarded for her efforts.
Katelyn voluntarily steps up to help with a multitude of student council and class activities and takes on the unpopular tasks that must be done in order for an activity to succeed.
Whether it’s ringing bells for four hours on a busy Saturday or coming to practice every single day while injured in order to serve her volleyball team, Katelyn truly leads by example and is an obvious choice for the December Spotlight in Leadership/Service.

Fine Arts
Josh East, So.
Josh loves to sing, and because of his passion for his music, he has become a vital part of the vocal music department at Larned High School.
Working hard to improve his voice on a daily basis, Josh continues to find ways in which to make a positive impact in the LHS choir. His love for music also is exhibited by his commitment to come to early morning rehearsals to share his with the select choir, Beginnings, and to encourage others to get involved.
Because of his determination and commitment to music, Josh was the only selection from LHS for the district choir this fall. He is the perfect choice for the December Spotlight in Fine Arts.

Isiah Perez, Jr.
Athletic ability alone does not necessarily create success in the athletic arena. Hard work, perseverance, determination, a cool head, and the ability to accept guidance from coaches and experienced teammates often takes a good athlete to the next level.
Isiah possesses these qualities and also shared these talents as a three-sport athlete at Larned High School in football, basketball, and baseball.
As a sophomore, Isiah earned second team all-state honors as a utility player in Class 4A baseball. He earned first team Central Kansas League league honorsd as a receiver.
Perez was named to the All-Tournament team at the Gene Keady Classic. These honors and his commitment to Larned athletics are perfect reasons why Isiah was chosen as the December Spotlight in Athletics.