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'Down in Front' Cast and Crew
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Cast and Crew
Grady, a naïve but energetic young man — Nolan Allison
Rosemary, a theater lady who’s seen it all — Brianne Smith
Matilda, a gossipy lady — Haley Roberts
Isadora, Matilda’s friend — Sarah Liston
Candy, a flighty usher — Allison Stejskal
Frieda, Candy’s roommate, an usher — Brittany Butler
Janie, pretty but bossy young lady, also an usher — Jessica Johnson
Amanda, Neil’s supportive girlfriend — Rachael Herter
Penny, a young, meek usher — Ashleigh Slattery
Ralph, a pushy usher — Shealon Calkins
Neil, a very nervous young playwright —  Michael Wysong
Basil Crittenden, a pompous theater critic —  Ethan Banman
Cleo, usher captain, who likes to be in charge —  Dallas Munden
Corbin Soames, an actor who’s something of a lush —  Easton Palmer
Hilda Lancaster, the theater manager—  Meredith Rogers
Gary, bit of a lady’s man —  Tyler Stelter
Mrs. Abernathy, theater owner’s wife —  Jacey Bishop
Thief,  just a wannabe crook —  Braiden Creggar
Roy, a no-nonsense fire marshal –  Dalton Hoch
Eunice, a feisty assistant to Roy  — Abby Ayre
Phoebe Van Skyler, an egocentric competitor — Christine Orr
Theater Goers —  Alysa Byrum, Veronica Higgins, Ditte-Marie Hartmeyer, Patricia Humphrey
Director — Michael Wysong
Set Director — Jessica Johnson
Set Crew —  Teresa Reason, Taylor Parr, Kendra Perez
Technical Directors —  Kevin Von Feldt and Logan VanHorn
Tech Crew — Grant Unruh, Braiden Bert, Steven Seltman
Videographer —  Duskin Bowman
Curtains — Corbin Terry
Stage Manager —  Kim Gobin
Stage Crew — Ty O’Neill, Jeromy Bartz
Hair and Make-Up — Kelsey Milhon, Allisa Spain, Janae Woods