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Fort Larned will feature Memorial weekend activities
Saturday through Monday
paw jm pawnee baseball
Courtesy photo The Hodgeman County 9 from Jetmore will compete with 1860s baseball rules at 1 p.m. Sunday at Fort Larned.

LARNED — Step back in time at Fort Larned National Historic Site over Memorial Weekend.  
Demonstrations include artillery and small arms, infantry, an 1860s style religious service and a Medal of Honor ceremony featuring Frank Baldwin.
Living History portrayals to be conducted Saturday through Monday at the fort will feature a blacksmith, officers and their families, horses and wagons, laundress camp, school teachers and craftsmen.
The soldiers stationed at Fort Larned played an important role in Kansas and American history. “Guardians” of the Santa Fe Trail, they escorted mail and freight wagons filled with supplies to other western outposts.  
Fort Larned was a place for many cultures to interact along the Santa Fe Trail and across the Plains. This exchange of culture in most cases was the first, and lasting impression of new peoples thrust together in the settlement of Kansas and a young nation.
Established in 1859, the Officers Quarters were built in 1867. The fort was closed by the U.S. Army in 1878. Private ownership of Fort Larned began in 1884.
Fort Larned National Historic Site was Kansas’ first National Park established Aug. 31, 1964, by President Lyndon B. Johnson.
On the same day, President Johnson also signed into law another piece of landmark legislation — the National Historic Preservation Act.
Kevin McMurry of Fort Larned National Historic Site said Fort Larned has been preserved for future generations to enjoy and learn.
“With ongoing support from Congressional representatives, state and local leaders, partner groups and hundreds of volunteers, Fort Larned will continue to educate visitors by bringing the turbulent plains history to life,” he said.

Weekend Schedule

Saturday, May 25

10 a.m. — Artillery and Small Arms Demonstration
11 a.m. — Infantry demonstrations on the Parade Grounds
1 p.m. — Fun art activities for children of all ages
2 p.m. — Medal of Honor Program with a focus on Fort Larned officer Frank Baldwin
3 p.m. — Artillery and Small Demonstration
4 p.m. — Blacksmith Demonstration, Pete Bethke
5 p.m. — Flag retreat program

Sunday, May 26

29:30 a.m. — Post Chapel, short 1860s style religious service
11 a.m. — Fun art activities for children of all ages
1 p.m. — Vintage Baseball game
3 p.m. — Artillery and Small Arms Program
4 p.m. — Blacksmith Demonstrations, Pete Bethke
5 p.m. — Flag retreat Program

Monday, May 27

10 a.m. — U.S. Army Infantry Weapons 1770–1950
11 a.m. — Horse Shoeing Demonstration  
1 p.m. — Artillery and Small Arms Demonstration
2 p.m. — Post Laundress
3 p.m. — Horse Shoeing Demonstration
4 p.m. — Life on Officers Row
5 p.m. — Flag retreat program