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From a planet to putt-putt
mini putt1
Remnants of the Burdett putt-putt course are being restored with a new name of name of Rediscovering Pluto. - photo by JIM MISUNAS Great Bend Tribune


BURDETT — On March 13, 1930, Burdett farm boy turned astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered the planet Pluto.
Now, a dedicated group of residents under the banner of the Burdett Pride Committee is helping to keep that memory alive and trying to inspire future generations, all under the guise of putt-putt game golf. They are resurrecting the old city-owned golf park with the name Rediscovering Pluto, said committee member Katie Hammeke.
“Each hole is named after a planet,” she said.
However, these planets don’t fall in the same order they do in the solar system.
They are utilizing existing features and converting them to fit the theme. For example, what was a lighthouse will become a rocket ship and an old tire will become the rings of Saturn,
“There will be a lot of bright colors,” she said. There will also be signs with fun facts about space and Pluto, making it a learning experience as well.
“We are revamping it,” Hammeke said. The park was built about 40 years ago and was used extensively in the 1960s and 70s. It was built by the people of Burdett.
Now, Hammeke said they are replacing the old wood with concrete and the old grass with an artificial surface.
They also hope to have new benches and a new shed.
The project has been in the works since the summer of 2014 and become the first KanStarter-funded project in October 2014. The  WeKan!Support KanStarter program is a crowd funding and volunteer-sourcing site that is designed to match Kansas community projects with those who want to help through donations or volunteerism.
However, work has not progressed as fast as hoped, Hammeke said. Rain, harvest and the Pawnee County Fair have delayed things.
“If we have some spare time, we work on it,” she said. “It’s a work in progress.”
Consequently, there is not grand opening planned.
It will continue to be a city facility and there will be no charge to play a round.