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Jordaan Library reading program starts
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LARNED — The reading program, “One World Many Stories,” has started.  Sixty-one young readers have signed up, including 16 middle-school readers.
The readers are already collecting prizes.  Book clubs are meeting and the attendance has been excellent.  If you know children of any age who want to read for prizes this summer it’s not too late to sign up and get started.
Charley Kepmthorne presented a LifeStory Writing Workshop May 25. Nineteen adults attended and were encouraged to write about life memory and share it with the group.
The experiences covered a range of emotions from humorous to sad. Several people are interested in meeting in the future to continue writing their memories. Kempthorne encourages people write about experiences along with genealogy research. The stories are more meaningful than a list of relatives and give families a clearer picture of ordinary life in the past.
New books:
The Bride’s House
“The Bride’s House,” by Sandra Dallas is the story of three generations of women who have lived in the same Victorian mansion. For 17-year-old Nellie Bent, the Bride’s House is a fairy-tale dream come true. She believes she will marry Will Spaulding and they will live there.
But she marries another.
For her daughter, Pearl, growing up in The Bride’s House is like living in a shrine dedicated to the memory of her mother. Pearl’s father refuses to let her marry the man she loves. Susan is the latest woman who lives in Bride’s House. She’s proud of women who came before her but secrets are hidden in the Bride’s House will determine her future.
The Jefferson Key
Four presidents of the United States have been assassinated — each murder apparently unrelated. Cotton Malone, former Justice Department operative, risks his life to stop an assignation attempt against President Danny Daniels and finds himself in a dangerous struggle against the Commonwealth.
The Commonwealth is a secret society of pirates first organized during the American Revolution with powers granted by a clause in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. Along the way, Malone has to break a cipher that originated with Thomas Jefferson, and unravel a mystery concocted by Andrew Jackson in Steve Berry’s book.
Buried Prey
A block on the edge of the Minneapolis Loop is being torn down for development when the bodies of two girls wrapped in plastic are uncovered beneath an old house. It appears the girls have been there for a long time and Lucas Davenport knows exactly how long.
In 1985, Davenport worked with the massive police effort to find two kidnapped girls who were never found again. Eventually the case was closed. Now, the case is reopened and as Davenport discovers the truth was buried along with the girls in “Buried Prey,” by John Sandford.