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Jordaan Library Talk
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Dr. Bill Brenner presented a copy of book “I’m Praying Hard For You”- Love Letter to a Death Camp: The World War II Ordeal of Bill and Jo Brenner” to Jordaan Memorial Library. This is the personal story of a young couple whose lives were dramatically affected by when he was taken prisoner by the Japanese. It is the story of ordinary people who participated in extraordinary events.  Dr. Brenner will sign copies of his book at Mystic Cove Saturday, March 12, 2011.
The Kansas Talking Book Program has recorded books, cassette machines and digital players available for people who can no longer see well enough to read.  The applications are available at Jordaan Memorial Library.  If you know someone who needs this service contact Jordaan Library at 285-2876.

Iris Stern considers herself a modern woman.  She has a successful academic career and a happy marriage.  Iris holds fast to her old fashioned sensibilities. However, when confronted with the choices her adult children make she finds those sensibilities called into question. She must come to grips with a long held family secret and faces an emotional parting of another kind in “Heartwood” by Belva Plain.
It is the summer of 1919 and wheat harvest is in full swing.  Custom threshers, steam engineers, bindlestiffs, cooks, camp  followers and hobos join the rush to harvest wheat.  Unfortunately, it also brings a serial killer who calls himself the Windmill Man and believes he has been called to water the earth with blood.  Harvest crews provide a supply of victims.  One dark night Charlie Krueger, a steam engineer, sees a strange man digging a grave in a newly harvested field.  Charlie becomes the only person who has seen the face of a killer in “Big Wheat” by Richard A. Thompson.
Samantha Blakely has just landed her dream job with Daylight Magazine as a photojournalist.  She is stunned when her friend Gemini Delaney leaves her a controlling interest in her family magazine conglomerate business.  Her new boss Christian Delaney will have every reason to hate her when he finds out she has inherited the legacy he expected in “Whisper My Name” by Fern Michaels.
Brady Coyne get an unexpected call from an old friend, Ken Nichols suggesting they get together for drinks.  They part ways after a pleasant evening.  The next morning Brady receives a call from Ken’s ex-wife.  She’s standing in his hotel and Ken has been murdered.  She’s the obvious suspect.
Brady begins to investigate the murder and discovers the family has been dogged by savage murders in “Outwitting Trolls” by William G. Tappley.