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Jordaan Library Talk
New vbooks available
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LARNED — Jordaan Library’s new Pathfinder automation system provides some interesting statistics. Jordaan Memorial Library owns 26,881 adult books and 12,729 juvenile books for a total of 39,610 books as of Dec. 31, 2010.
The collection also includes 636 audio books and 563 DVD videos. Last year, Jordaan Library added 920 adult books and 481 juvenile books to the collection. The library has 2,750 registered adult patrons and 636 registered juvenile patrons. Library patrons have checked out 11,500  books, CDS and DVD videos since Jan. 2, 2011. 
Since May 24, 151 readers 4 years of age through fourth grade have read 2,259 books.  Nineteen young adult readers fifth grade through high school have read 53 books.
New books
Seal Team Six
“Seal Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy Seal Sniper,” by Howard E. Wasdin is the dramatic behind the scenes chronicle of the elite group.  The seals are given the tasks of counter terrorism, hostage rescue and counterinsurgency.
It begins with the longest and toughest military training in the world. When the navy sends their elite, they send the seals.  When the seals send their elite, the send Seal Team Six.
Volunteer’s Guide to Fundraising
“The Volunteer’s Guide to Fundraising,” by Ilona Bray is packed with tips from nonprofit experts.  The guide will help volunteers avoid legal and other obstacles and start bringing in money effectively and efficiently.
Included is the information you need to mobilize volunteers, handle money, plan fundraising strategies, create and promote events.  The book includes a CD-Rom with fundraising resources.
Kansas Opera Houses
“Kansas Opera Houses: Actors and Community Events 1855-1925,” by Jane Glotfeltry Rhoads. The author developed a love of theater and opera houses as a small child. She played on the stage of her grandfather’s opera house in Iowa. 
In recent years, she and her photographer husband have traveled throughout Kansas locating and photographing opera houses. She also learned about their social and theatrical  significance. Larned’s Opera House and the GAR Hall are included.
New cookbooks
Three new cookbooks with colorful photographs are ready for your kitchen.
“Breakfast Comforts,” by Rick Rodger includes favorite dishes from restaurants around the country. 
“Eat Greens,” by Barbara Scott-Goodman is an invitation to enjoy the abundance of the season. 
P. Allen Smith’s “Seasonal Recipes From the Garden,” contains delicious food from every season.