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Jordaan Library Talk
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LARNED — The Jordaan Memorial Library Book Club will meet at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 20.  Come join the lively discussion.  There may be a new book you just have to check out before you go home.
The  Christmas Nutcracker display in the library entry way and the multipurpose room is courtesy of Barbara Bland. 
A Log Cabin Christmas Collection is features nine Christmas romances set on the American Frontier by several authors.  Each story explores a different region as seen through the eyes of adventuresome settlers.  The American pioneer didn’t have an easy life but a snug little log cabin was a blessing against the forces of winter and Christmas was an occasion to celebrate. 
The Jordaan Library’s schedule will change during the last two weeks of December. 
The library will be open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Dec. 19-23.  The library will be closed Dec. 24, 25, 26. 
The library will repopen from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Dec. 27 to 30.  The library will be closed Dec. 31-Jan. 2.
Regular hours will resume Tuesday, Jan. 3.
The following are new books featured at the Jordaan Library.
‘Plain and Fancy
Rachel Yoder was raised in a Pennsylvania Amish community and led a simple life in a close knit family.  Ellie Lawrence is a career focused high powered public relations executive. 
One day the two women receive the shocking news they were switched at birth by the hospital. Rachel and Ellie begin to explore who they really are and where they belong. Ellie is eager to learn more about her Amish family and Rachel can’t help but feel a little jealous when the only mother she has ever known bonds so quickly with her natural daughter. 
Knowing her biological family is out there Rachel and her daughter Katie travel to New York to establish a connection with  the raucous, spirited Lawrences in “A Plain and Fancy Christmas,” by Cynthia Keller.
Three men are found dead in a locked Honolulu office building, apparently they were killed by a  tiny bladed robot.  The forests of Oahu are the site of biological prospecting made possible by new technology.  Thousands of new bacteria are being discovered which could lead to the development of priceless new drugs. 
Seven graduate students are recruited by a  pioneering microbiology start up to lead the search.  The scientists find themselves in a hostile wilderness rife with profound and surprising dangers at every turn in “Micro,” by Michael Crichton.
‘The Drop’
Harry Bosch has been told he has three years until he has to retire from the Los Angeles Police Department.  Nearing the end of the line Harry is desperate for cases and suddenly gets two in one morning. 
The first DNA from a 1989 rape and murder case matches that of a 29-year-old convicted rapist.  It hardly seems possible that he took part in the rape at the age of eight. Worse yet something could have gone wrong in the new Regional Crime Lab which could compromise all the cases now in court. 
Then Bosch and his partner are assigned to the death scene of the son of Councilman Irvin Irving.  The young man either jumped or was dropped from a window. The two cases are  interwoven.  Pursuing both cases Bosch makes two chilling discoveries in “The Drop,” by Michael Connelly.