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Jordaan Scholarship winners recognized
Rainbolt Karlee   .tif
Karlee Rainbolt

LARNED — The Jordaan Foundation Inc. has awarded five Jordaan Scholars awards for the 2011-2012 school year to Larned High School’s Ivan Garcia II, Tyler Gleason, Shanna Prescott and Karlee Rainbolt, and Katherine Ann Karst of Pawnee Heights High School.
Each scholarship provides $8,000, payable $2,000 per year during the student’s under-graduate or university career, upon the condition that scholastic eligibility continues to be maintained. It marks the 40th year that the Jordaan Scholarships have been awarded to students graduating from Pawnee County high schools.
Ivan Garcia II, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Cesar Garcia, plans to study radiology and medicine.
Tyler Gleason, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Gleason, plans to study engineering.
Katherine Ann Karst, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Karst, plans to study pre-veterinary and veterinary medicine at Kansas State University.
Shanna Prescott, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Prescott, plans to study nursing.
Karlee Rainbolt, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rainbolt, plans to study animal science.
The scholarships are awarded to Pawnee County students attending Kansas colleges or universities as provided in the last will and testament of Dr. John Jordaan, former Larned resident. The Foundation Trust, created by Dr. Jordaan, was limited to civic, educational, charitable and benevolent purposes within Pawnee County, Kansas.
Scholarships were awarded following recommendations of the screening committee who reviewed applications from Larned High School and Pawnee Heights High School. Scholarships were awarded on a combination of scholastic record, financial need, character references and recommendations, with college potential as measured by College Admission Tests and other criteria.
The screening committee is composed of representatives Larned and Pawnee Heights and others appointed by the Jordaan Board. The screening committee reviewed all of the applications in detail and conducted personal interviews.
The alternates to receive the awards, if any of the five winners become ineligible are, in order of their priority: Joelle Keith, Brittney Perez, Kayla Coulson, Brittanie Miller and Liberty Turner, all of Larned High School.
Keith is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joel Keith. Perez is the daughter of Rachel Perez. Coulson is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Coulson. Miller is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller. Turner resides with Mr. and Mrs. Terry Harris.
The Jordaan Foundation Inc. has awarded grants to Pawnee County and to charities and communities located in Pawnee County, totaling approximately $3 million. Scholarships totaling approximately $1.25 million have been awarded to Pawnee County students.