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Larned girls win tennis title
amanda lessard1
Amanda Lessard - photo by Photo by JANET FLESKE

LARNED — Larned’s girls tennis team used the home-court advantage to three first-place finishes and the team title in Thursday’s Larned Tennis Invitational. The Indians scored 37 points. Hoisington and Colby scored 22 points.
Three of the four Larned entries swept all four matches. The Indians are coached by Mark Lessard.
Larned’s No. 1 singles Amanda Lessard, No. 2 singles Kristin Anderson and No. 2 doubles Abby Kelty and Ali Leiker placed first in their divisions. No. 1 doubles Macy Haas and Katelynn Sanger finished runner-up with a 7-3 loss to Hoisington’s Emma Harmon and Tyann Schremmer.

Team scores—1. Larned 37; 2. Hoisington 22, Colby 22; 4. Ellinwood 10; 5. Lyons 9.
No. 1 singles—Amanda Lessaard, Larned def. Katherine Warnken, HHS, 7-1; Lessard def. Schroeder, Colby, 7-3; Lessard def. Vincent, Lyons, 7-3; Lessard def. Sarah Frakes, EHS, 7-1; Warnken def. Frakes, 7-6 (7-3); Warnken def. Vincent, 7-6 (7-4); Warnken def. Schroeder, 7-4; Vincent def. Frakes, 7-2; Schroeder def. Frakes, 7-3
No. 2 singles—Kristin Anderson, Larned def. Katelyn Reh, EHS, 7-0; Anderson def. Aurora Ingram, HHS, 7-1; Anderson def. Troyer, Lyons, 7-2; Anderson def. Lemman, Colby, 7-1; Ingram def. Reh, 7-3; Troyer def. Ingram, 7-2; Lemman def. Ingram, 7-2; Troyer def. Reh, 7-2; Lemman def. Reh, 7-4
No. 1 doubles—Emma Harmon-Tyann Schremmer, HHS def. Macy Haas-Katelyn Sanger, Larned, 7-3; Harmon-Schremmer, HHS def. Tara Collins-Katelyn Robinson, EHS, 7-2; Harmon-Schremmer, HHS def. Jenkins-Bryant, Lyons, 7-2; Harmon-Schremmer, HHS Culver-Britton, Colby, 7-1; Haas-Sanger def. Collins-Robinson, 7-0; Haas-Sanger def. Jenkins-Bryant, 7-2; Haas-Sanger def. Culver-Britton, 7-1; Collins-Robinson def. Jenkins-Bryant, 7-2; Culver-Britton, Colby def. Collins-Robinson, 7-5
No. 2 doubles—Abby Kelty-Ali Leiker, Larned def. Macy Munson-Taryn Robl, EHS, 7-1; Kelty-Leiker def. MyKayla Burgess-Rian Mooney, HHS, 7-2; Kelty-Leiker def. Gamez-Silva, Lyons, 7-1; Kelty-Leiker Oren-Tinkham, Colby, 7-5; Munson-Robl def. Burgess-Mooney, 7-4; Burgess-Mooney def. Gamez-Silva, 7-2; Oren-Tinkham def. Burgess-Mooney, 7-3; Munson-Robl def. Gamez-Silva, 7-3; Oren-Tinkham def. Munson-Robl, 7-3