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Larned High School honors students
paw jm LHS March Spotlights
Courtesy Photo Larned High School honors its March Spotlight students, from left, Alex Lessard, Tylisha Calkins, Emily Lucas and Jansyn Van Horn.

LARNED — Larned High School has recognized its March Student Spotlights of the Month.
Academics: Emily Lucas, Sophomore
Success in the classroom usually doesn’t happen overnight. Those students who achieve their academic goals know the value of hard work and perseverance.  
Emily is diligent in her studies, approaches each challenge with determination, and has the courage to ask questions with difficult concepts. This positive attitude in the classroom provides Emily with a strong academic background and spills over into everything  she does.
This commitment to achieve excellence in the classroom, makes Emily the perfect choice for the March spotlight in academics.

Athletics: Tylisha Calkins, Junior
True athletes know that success does not come when the season begins. True athletes put in many long hours during the off-season in the weight room to get stronger; log many miles running to increase their speed and endurance; and spend countless sessions with their coach to improve specific skills.  
Tylisha knows the value of putting in the work to reach her goals. Good team members also encourage and help their teammates succeed as well.
Whether it’s on the volleyball court or on the track or as a varsity cheerleader who serves as a role model for younger squad members by working hard and taking the job seriously, Tylisha is a deserving choice for the March spotlight in athletics.

Fine Arts: Alex Lessard
Alex is a talented artist, securing awards and accolades for her many design pieces in various shows and competitions.  
Her talents range from 2D creations to beautiful sculptures.  While enjoying the area of art and design for many years, Alex has found a newfound enjoyment and love for the stage.  
She has gone from an actor playing small roles to one who has the ability and the desire to play a variety of characters.  From a 1950s teen to a sophisticated, yet snobbish, has-been actress, Alex has become an integral part of the drama department at LHS.
 Because of her talent on the stage and her recent Best of 2D Award and first-place sculpture at a recent MCAA league art competition, Alex is a unanimous choice for the March spotlight for fine arts.

Leadership/Service: Jansyn Van Horn
Jansyn is a leader in a variety of ways at Larned High School   
She served on the CORE team in FCA and took responsibility for organizing and implementing the Sophomore Basketball Tournament.
Jansyn encourages classmates to get involved and willingly does the dirty work that needs to be done in order. No matter what the organization, Jansyn works hard at including others at the job at hand.  
She also serves her school as a student athlete and musician and as a member of the flag team.  Her ability to lead and her desire to serve make Jansyn an excellent choice for the March spotlight for leadership/service.