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Larned High School students recognized
April Spotlight
LHS April Spotlight pic
Courtesy Photo Larned High School students honored for Spotlight awards for April are Nolan Allison, Fine Arts; Brittany Butler, Leadership/Service; Lindsey Higgins, Academic; and Jeret Johnson, Athletics.

LARNED — Larned High School has honored its Student Spotlight awards winners for April.
Fine Arts: Nolan Allison, Junior
A true love for anything requires personal sacrifice, whether it’s getting up early to get to jazz band rehearsals, putting in four to five hours a night at musical rehearsals, or logging countless hours in the weight room.  
Nolan has made a commitment not only to athletics but also to the Larned Band of Indians, the Jazz band, and to numerous LHS stage productions.
Nolan accepts the roles in which he is given, waiting patiently for his time to reach that first chair position in band or the lead role in a play production.  
His dedication to the fine arts and his willingness to do what it takes to put on a successful performance make Nolan a perfect choice for the April Spotlight in fine arts.
Leadership/Service: Brittany Butler, Freshman
Whether it’s a team or a class, the members of an organization reflect the attitude of their leader.  
Brittany has shown effective leadership by stepping up and taking charge when her class needed a positive leader. Her positive attitude and the drive to get things done have transferred over to her classmates, and they are now headed in the right direction.  
Brittany has taken care to communicate to her classmates what is going on and has helped cement an expectation that they needed in order to do their job done. Her peers enjoy her company, and they recognize her honesty and consistency.  
While Brittany likes to have a good time, she also knows when it’s time to get to work and get things done. She cares about her class and wants to do what is best for them.
Because of this strong work ethic and her true concern for her classmates, Brittany is a clear choice for the April Spotlight in leadership/service.
Academics: Lindsey Higgins, Junior
Lindsey is quiet, hardworking, and gentle-natured and is also concerned about others and about getting the most out of life.  
Lindsey has been a diligent worker in the classroom for the past three years at Larned High School, asking teachers for help when needed and faithful in handing in assignments prior to being gone for athletic or music events.  
Lindsey portrays a cheerful attitude and exhibits a positive outlook. She encourages her peers and tries to lead them in a positive direction in and out of the classroom.
She has earned the right to be a member of National Honor Society. She also gives back to her school as a member of TAG, International Club, the Indian cross country team and the LHS track team.  
Staying positive and focusing on her academic goals makes Lindsey a very deserving choice for the April Spotlight in academics.
Athletics: Jeret Johnson, Senior
Jeret has aggressively sought ways to improve his own game. He has also reached out into the school and community to promote his passion of tennis.  
An almost “insane desire to keep in top physical condition,” Jeret aggressively seeks out ways to keep in shape. Most recently, he’s run in the morning with some of his track friends before school.  
This hard work has garnered him multiple honors — numerous varsity letters in cross country, basketball, and tennis; league champs in tennis; all-academic honors in tennis the last two years; and a state qualifier in tennis the last two years.
Jeret has been involved in pick-up tennis, running a free community tennis clinic, the Special Olympics, Sydney’s camp, the Tennis Academy, assisting with the girls’ tennis camp and painting and weeding the community tennis courts.  
His passion and the drive to become physically fit and to look for improvement has allowed Jeret to compete at a high level. He has been rewarded with a tennis scholarship to play at Barton County next fall.  
All of these accolades make Jeret an obvious choice for the April Spotlight in athletics.