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Larned High Schools January Spotlight winners
Paw ack January Spotlight Winners
From left to right are Jeret Johnson, Brianne Smith, Elvis Duran and Michael Wysong, this months LHS Spotlight Winners. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO




Larned High School has announced January’s Spotlight Winners.

Academics: Brianne Smith, junior

Brianne meets an academic challenge head-on in order to achieve her goals instead of running from something that may require extra time and effort. She uses time in the classroom wisely to either practice the concepts taught or to obtain guidance or clarification from the teacher and often takes charge in cooperative learning situations and refocuses the group when the discussion gets off track. Brianne works diligently to complete assignments and projects well ahead of the due date in order to insure that she has understood and fulfilled the objectives. Because of her willingness to take challenging classes and to adhere to those steps necessary to achieve academic excellence, Brianne meets and exceeds all of the qualifications of being named this month’s student spotlight in academics.

Athletics: Elvis Duran, junior

In order to succeed as a student athlete many hours of practice during the off-season must be endured in order to improve individual skills which are needed to reach a high level of competition. Elvis has made a serious commitment to do what it takes to get himself in a position to not only be successful wrestler during the regular season but also to compete at the state level. Respecting the coaching staff and willing to take on all-comers, Elvis has collected numerous medals against tough competition, has competed at the state level, and has earned the right to be named this month’s student spotlight in athletics.

Fine Arts: Michael Wysong, sophomore

Whether it’s playing in the pep band, singing the national anthem, or acting on the stage, it’s easy to see that Michael loves what he is doing. Michael not only spends countless hours sharing his talent to the music and drama department at LHS, but he also shares it with his community. Michael also encourages others to showcase their talents as well, whether it is organizing a brass ensemble, directing a student band for a musical, or choreographing a dance for a performance. His dedication of not only sharing his love for the arts but also to extend it to his fellow musicians and to the community make Michael a perfect choice for this month’s spotlight in the area of fine arts.

Leadership/Service: Jeret Johnson, junior

Leadership and service take on many forms: serving as an officer or helping to plan projects in an organization, serving as a role model in the athletic arena by working hard and by making no excuses, serving as a mentor in the classroom to those who are struggling, stepping out of his comfort zone to encourage others to do the same. Jeret serves in the above ways and even more and is a perfect choice for this month’s student spotlight in leadership and service.