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Larned High School's November Spotlight winners named
paw LHS November Spotlight
PIctured, from left, are Ethan Banman, Berre Bert, Brady Keith and Karlee Rainbolt, LHSs Spotlights of the Month for November. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Winners of Spotlight honors for November were announced Thursday at Larned High School They were:

Academics: Berre Bert, Senior

Berre possesses the dogged determination it takes to become a truly outstanding student. While the grade is important to Berre, actually understanding the concept and grasping the true meaning of a text is even more important, and she does what it takes to achieve these goals: doing daily assignments, preparing for tests, participating in class discussions, taking leadership roles in group activities, getting make-up work done in a timely manner and spending extra time with teachers when help is needed. Because Berre is willing to do whatever it takes in order to achieve academic excellence, Berre has been a National Honor Society member for two years and has rightly earned the title as the November Spotlight in Academics.

Athletics: Brady Keith, Sophomore

Taking a positive leadership role in an athletic team is even more challenging when the team faces adversity. Despite all of the setbacks for the Indian football team this year, Brady continued to shine on the field and demonstrated a positive attitude both on and off the field. Brady always gives 100-percent effort and does not offer excuses when things go wrong, and his heart for the game reveals itself in his always striving to do his best. Because of his positive attitude and his refusal to throw in the towel when the going gets tough, Brady is an excellent choice for the November Spotlight in Athletics.

Fine Arts:



Ethan Banman, Sophomore

To grow as an artist or as a musician takes courage, determination and hard work, and when this personal growth occurs, it not only heightens self-confidence in the individual, but it almost always brings a positive contribution to the entire group. Ethan has shown such growth both as a musician and as an actor, and it has allowed him to add another dimension to his musical and acting abilities. Because of this willingness to improve in a variety of artistic venues and his obvious love of the arts, Ethan has become a vital part of Larned High School’s instrumental, vocal and drama departments, having leads in both the fall matinee and the musical, being a part of both band and choir, contributing to both the jazz band and Beginnings, and playing in the Indian pep band, and is a perfect choice for the November Spotlight in Fine Arts.

Leadership/Service: Karlee Rainbolt, Senior

Karlee not only reveals her leadership abilities in the public arena as an LHS cheerleader, the student body president, a member of National Honor Society and an integral part of LHS’s drama productions, but she also knows how to lead when no one else is around. Refusing to give up after a failed activity or refusing to give in when others are unwilling to try, Karlee shows positive leadership by taking the reins and encouraging others to do the same.

Service and leadership take many forms, and Karlee provides a perfect picture as to how to get things done. Karlee leads by her actions — being the first to volunteer for a senior class project, using personal time to purchase supplies or to make phone calls for a variety of student council activities, encouraging younger students in their first drama production, or stepping up to find a solution when a problem occurs. All of these selfless acts not only provide a positive role model for the students at Larned High School, but they are also great reasons for Karlee to be named the November Spotlight in Leadership/Service.