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Larned Juvenile Correctional Facility council meets
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LARNED — The Larned Correctional Facility Advisory Council met recently. Shelia Rodriguez, LJCF administrative assistant, submitted minutes.
Attending were Dr. Christopher Burke, LSH Superintendent; Montagga Wright, at large member; Courtland Holman, Larned Chamber of Commerce; Caitlin Debes, Community Corrections; Doug McNett, Assistant County Attorney; Doug Waddington, LCMHF Warden; Tom Seltmann, at large member; George Elmore, Ft. Larned National Historic Site; Vi Prosser, Member-at-Large; Kyle Rohr, LJCF Superintendent; Wendy Leiker, Deputy Superintendent; Gerald Jenisch, LJCF Juvenile Corrections Director; David Hales, LJCF Clinical Chaplain; Anita Ellison, LJCF Program Director; Judy Reichuber, Administrative Specialist; Phil Tongier, Health Services Administrator; and Shelia Rodriguez, LJCF Administrative Assistant.
LJCF Guests were Karen Rabenseifiler, Information Technology Manager; Becky Carter, Corrections Counselor II; and Jason Czlapinski, JCO I
• Superintendent Kyle Rohr recognized Employees of the Quarter — Sgt. Brian Fuller and Karen Rabenseililer, Information Technology Manager
• Promotions Recognition was given to promoted employees during this past quarter — Kevin Pflughoeft was promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant. Becky Carter was promoted from AT Director to Corrections Counselor II.
• Recognition was given to new employees — Bryan Snyder-Brown, JCO I; Jason Czlapinski, JCO I; Jason Toll, JCO I; Kasi Schaliz, JCO I.
• The state approved early retirement incentives for employees Cee Cephus, CDRP Director; Macy Cook, Custodial Supervisor; Lieutenant Phil Finnigan; Lana Harger, Administrative Specialist; Gayla Burger, Administrative Officer
LJCF Events
• August school break activities included cup stacking and volleyball and basketball tournaments.
• Allen Winder gave a presentation on the “History of the Harlem Globetrotters.”
• LJCF held a Salsa Contest of all staff. First place went to Trudi Eldridge, Accountant Ill. Runner-up went to Joyce Haberman, Program Specialist II.
• Fort Hays State University basketball players helped high level youth residents refine their basketball skills and improve overall conditioning. At the end of the afternoon, a short scrimmage took place involving the YRs who had taken part in the event. Fort Hays players served as referees and coaches.
• End of Summer Days was held with games and food for the youth residents and staff. Fun and games included, Smores, Minute to Win It, tug of war, horse shoes and dunk tank.
• Freedom Ministries sponsored a concert for the youth residents.
• New Life Drama performed for the YRs.
• LJCF sponsored a blood drive with 21 units of blood donated. The donated blood could help save up to 63 lives.
• Bruce Stucky from City Life Work Program spoke to the youth residents from the Wichita area regarding their program with the youth in Wichita.
• A Hank Denning Race Car Event was held for the youth.
• JCO Graduation was held Oct. 26. Deputy Commissioner Dennis Casarona attended as we recognized the following staff — Charles Bollig, Allison Brown, Amanda Davis, David Ibarra, Alex Perez and Kelsey Young.
• LJCF, KJCC and the Central Office joined forces to Support the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.
As an agency, $4,009 was raised, of which $3,189 was from LJCF staff and youth residents. Donations were strictly on a volunteer basis.
Eleven staff and six family members participated in a 5K walk in Topeka Oct. 23. Youth donations, $942; Youth bake sale, $271, for a total of $1,213; Staff bake sale, $390; T-shirt sales, $585; Wrist bands sales. $435; Think pink gift basket. $324; Staff Donations; $241 for a total of $1,975.
The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer gift basket was won by Lt. Jack Bowman, who also won a cake from Simple Cakes by Laura Jeffery and a $10 Dillons $10 gift card.
Other winners were Ann Schreiber, Westside secretary, Sonic and Pizza Hut gift cards; Sgt. Owen Zook, Sonic and Pizza Hut gift cards; Carla Adams, Storekeeper Specialist, Sonic gift card and $25 Pamida gift card; Rob Munden, Activity

 Specialist I, State Movie Theater tickets, Kwik Shop $10 gift card.
Human Resources
Superintendent Rohr reported for Sheila Edwards, Human Resources Manager:
• Staff will continue on recruiting.
• Staff completed open enrollment for health benefits in October. The state is moving towards a healthy rewards program that will allow staff to earn premium discounts based on healthy choices, preventative care exams, tobacco cessation, health screening and assessment.
Westside School
Superintendent Rohr reported for Casey Cloninger, Westside principal.
• Westside School held enrollment for the second nine weeks Sept. 30. The first nine weeks ended Oct. 14.  Ten to fifteen youth residents attend college classes.
Deputy Superintendent
• Wendy Leiker discussed KDHC Green Team Leadership Award, which was received this year by Becky Colter for LJCF.
• Tom Snyder and C.T. Taylor have graduated from the Offender Workforce Development Specialist training they attended, which is revamping the re-entry program.
Program Director
• Anita Ellison reports Tom Snyder and Anita Ellison have been attending a re-entry program in Sedgwick County. Finney County is interested in the program.
• An Accountable Panel meets with the youth and their family to discuss reentry goals, successes and difficulties. The purpose of the panel is to hold the youth accountable for their actions when they are in the community.
• Other panels include: Welcome Panel, Intervention Panel, Graduation Panel.
Health Services
• Phil Tongier, health services administrator, reports there is an increase individual and group therapy contact as well as crisis intervention contact.
• Health services wants to improve service delivery with individual and group contacts in CDRP.
• Health services wants to develop and maintain a database for both mental health and CDRP programs to aid in continuous quality improvement.
• CDRP is now under health services.
• Chaplain David Hales reports House of Healing is scheduled. Hales is working on lining up 2012 special events.
Other News
• A letter will be request Christmas donations.
• KUPI offered free flu vaccinations to 80 employees.
• Citizen advisory member Carl Immenschuh passed away and was remembered.