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Larned May Spotlight winners
paw jm May spotlight
Courtesy photo Larned High School selected its May Spotlight selections. Selected are, from left: Cody Keenan, sophomore, Leadership/Service; Jessica Johnson, freshman, Fine Arts; Kala Coulson, senior, Academics; and Josh Wise, senior, athletics.

LARNED — Larned High School selected its May Spotlight students of the month.
The students are listed below, along with the spotlight categories for which they were chosen and the write-up provided by the school.
Leadership/Service — Cody Keenan, sophomore
Students have many responsibilities at home and at school, so when those students reach out to others to befriend them or to make them feel important, those acts become a real service. Cody takes the time to help out a classmate in need. He is an active member of Larned athletics and other activities, such as student council.  Cody played an important part in making the sophomore basketball tournament a success. He works hard with a good attitude, always understanding that things have to get done, so he steps up to accomplish the task.
When that task is completed, Cody often asks, “What else needs to be done?” 
Those selfless qualities show why Cody earns the May spotlight in leadership/service.
Fine Arts — Jessica Johnson, freshman
Talent at an early age is rare, but talent in a variety of categories is even more incredible. Jessica was pivotal in all three drama productions as an actor and set director. Taking on any task given her proves that she is definitely a team player and willing to do what it takes to create a good performance.
Jessica carries on this same work ethic and team attitude in both the instrumental and vocal areas. All musicians strive to make it to state, but making it to state in four different performances in both instrumental and vocal events is amazing.  Garnering three one ratings is even more phenomenal.
A judge told Jessica that it was the best performance that he had heard that day. A music instructor said, “She is a very talented young lady,” making Jessica an ideal choice for May’s spotlight in fine arts.
Academics — Kala Coulson, senior
Many students avoid challenging classes that make them work. However, Kala Coulson seeks out those classes, which she knows will help her in the future, even though she may get frustrated at times. 
Instead of giving up, Kala perseveres and searches for ways in which to succeed. By asking relevant questions, seeking help when needed, and completing the assigned work, Kala has shown what diligence, hard work, and determination can achieve and is a perfect choice for the May spotlight in academics.
Athletics — Josh Wise, senior
The goal of good athletes is to see improvement in their individual performance within their sport with each additional year.  In order for that to happen, hard work and a good attitude must exist.  Josh has shown what can be achieved with those qualities.
A three-sport athlete for the Indians, Josh has dominated his event during this past track season and is looking for a return trip to represent Larned at the upcoming state track meet.  Josh is a deserving choice for the May spotlight in athletics.