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LHS drama offers comedic cure with Bedside Manor
Show scheduled Saturday, Sunday
opening number
The cast rehearses the opening number, Welcome to Bedside Manor. - photo by Janet Fleske Special to the Tribune

LARNED — It’s not Grey’s Anatomy, but comical characters, a blossoming romance, and hospital antics can all be found in the parody, “Bedside Manor,” which will be presented by the Larned High School drama department at 7 p.m. Saturday and at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Larned Community Center.
Laughter is contagious in this musical romp through the wackiest hospital around —  Bedside Manor.  
The silly staff and comical patients are bound to leave the audience almost “dying” with laughter.  
Wacky gypsies (Delainee Gordon, Madison Tabler and London Whittington) sing and dance in the hospital corridors, and a Skid Row Man, played by Mason Schartz, croons about his derelict life.  
Dr. Fred, portrayed by Erin Smith, longs to be Chief of Staff, and Dr. Huggems, played by Landon Erway, may be heading back to his job at the car wash if he can’t stop passing out when he sees blood.  
The Band Aides, played by Nils Hoffman and Hunter Fitzpatrick, have their eyes fixed on their favorite TV program, “Of Human Bandage,” while a film crew, Jorden Drimmel and Madison Erway, roams through the halls making a documentary called, “This Was Your Life.”  
Nurse De Farge, played by Drew Bowman, tries to bring order to the chaos; and Dr. Jekyl, played by Dallas Humphrey, insists that laughter truly is the best medicine.
Tickets may be obtained at the door, adults, $5 and students, $3.  A final practice will be presented to the Larned elementary and middle school students and staff at 9 a.m. Friday at the Community Center.

‘Bedside Manor’ cast & staff

Dr. Jekyll    Dallas Humphrey
Nurse De Farge    Drew Bowman
Dr. Fred    Erin Smith
Snapgrass    Alex Barger
Sweets    Jessica Pfortmiller
Huggems    Landon Erway
Pinch    Aarika Bright
Bum    Mason Schartz
Patient One    Tymarra Bryant
Patient Two    Braeden Corman
Anyanka    Madi Tabler
Dembo    London Whittington
Nurse Barton    Dava Makings
Band Aide One    Hunter Fitzpatrick
Band Aide Two    Nils Hoffman
Miss Eagleye    Kelsey Parr
Nurse Nightengale    Ally Aldrich
Miss Pepto    Brooke Butler
Police Officer    Tristan Smith
Molly Moran    Ali Leiker
Young Wife    Kaitlyn Finger
Young Husband    Reed Russum
Gypsy Moth    Delainee Gordon
TV Personality    Jorden Drimmel
Camera Person    Madison Erway

Gypsy Troupe—Kaitlyn Finger, Braeden Corman, Jorden Drimmel, Ali Leiker, Ally Aldrich, Maddy Erway, Tristan Smith, Katelynn Sanger, Brooke Butler, Christian Martinez

Chorus—Natalie Spain, Baylea Perez, Megan Stelter, Abby Kelty, Ivory Muldrow, Alea Makings, Tim Gardea, Allissa Bird, Katelynn Sanger, Savannah Stallings, Jordan Taylor, Edgar Garcia, David Valadez, Alex Sanger, Macy Haas, Sierra Smith, Wesley Davis, Austin Gladow, Mason Burris, Grace Marshall, Katelyn Baker, Audrianna Bender

Tech Crew—Isiah Perez, Dorothy Keenan, Brandon Bartz, Johnathan Herter, Carson Smith

Curtains—Kolby Keith

Make-Up and Hair—Savanna Converse, Micaelyn Haney

Mrs. Fleske’s Assistants—Haley Skelton, Kennedy Ayre

Technical Director—Evan Skelton

Stage Manager—Amanda Lessard

Co-Directors—Drew Bowman, Landon Erway