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LHS selects Spotlight students
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Larned selects January Spotlight students from left, Jennifer Applequist, Fine Arts; Gage Skelton, Leadership/Service;Leann Peterson, Academics; and Allyson Aldrich, Athletics.

Jennifer Applequist, sr.
Fine Arts
In order for people to be successful young musicians, they must be dedicated to long hours of lessons and practice.
Putting in long hours during games in the pep band, before school during “Beginnings,” rehearsals, and during class itself, Jennifer has been an integral part of both the instrumental and vocal music departments at LHS.
Jennifer has also competed at the highest level in vocal and instrumental solos and small ensembles and has received one ratings in both the regional and state music competitions in both voice and instrumental. This year marks the third year in a row that she will be representing Larned High School as a member of the state KMEA band as well.
For her dedication to LHS music and for reaching the highest level of excellence, Jennifer is the perfect choice for the January Spotlight in Fine Arts.

Gage Skelton, jr.
True servants sacrifice their time without seeking out recognition for that service. Gage has served his school and community in many ways.
He’s worked the concession stand, the LHS blood drives, at the state theater and helped 4-Hers with their projects, Gage truly knows what it is to serve others. LHS Activities Director, Dustin Wilson, describes Gage as the epitome of a “team player,” who is always willing to help, whether it be in the classroom, helping run errands, or preparing items for game day or running the Gene Keady Classic.
Gage helps always with a positive attitude. During the week of the Gene Keady Classic, Gage was singled out specifically by the regional director of basketball officials for his hard work and dedication to help run a quality event. His recognition made it all the way to Fran Martin, KSHSAA assistant executive director,
Martin wrote a personal email praising LHS for running such a successful tournament, and Gage played a big role in that success.
For his desire to serve both his community and his school, Gage was an easy choice for the January Spotlight in Leadership/Service.

Leann Peterson, jr.
In order for students to reach high academic standards, those students must possess a true thirst for knowledge and be willing to work hard and seek out help when they need it.
Leann Peterson is an incredibly hard worker and wants to honestly learn the material. Leann is serious about her studies and willing to assist a classmate or take the lead in a group project.
Kayla Josefiak, LHS science teacher stated, “Leann was assigned the skull bones for her bone presentation in anatomy, and she rocked it. It was one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen.”
Because of Leann’s commitment to reaching her academic goals and her desire to do good work, Leann is truly deserving of the January Spotlight in Academics.

Allyson Aldrich, jr.
Allyson has made a commitment to be a positive contributor to Larned High School athletics.
Participating as a three-sport athlete, Allyson has learned how to manage her time to be a successful athlete and student. Learning to persevere through challenging situations, Allyson has maintained a positive attitude and continues to help her team.
For the past three years, Allyson has been an important part of the Larned Indian volleyball and basketball teams and has been a member of both the Indian track team and the Indian softball team. This year, Allyson was placed on the all-league honorable mention volleyball team.
Her decision to make a difference in Larned athletics is just one of the reasons that Allyson has been selected as the January Spotlight in Athletics.