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Men honored as Employees of Quarter at LJCF
paw employeesof 3rd Quarter 09-08-10
Kevin Pflughoeft, at left, and Kendall Beckwith were recently named Employees of the Quarter at the Larned Juvenile Correctional Facility. - photo by JERRY BUXTON Great Bend Tribune


Kevin Pflughoeft, Juvenile Corrections Officer II, has been selected as the Uniformed Employee of the Third Quarter. Sergeant Pflughoeft is described by his colleagues as very dependable and trustworthy, one who demonstrates initiative and respect, is a high achiever, and has a high work ethic. Pflughoeft has assumed the role of instructor for several classes for new employees. Kevin has been very positive in this role, and has offered to teach some sessions. Sergeant Pflughoeft is conscientious in the role of instructor, asks questions, and is innovative in his teaching methods to help staff understand proper procedures for basic security practices. Pflughoeft’s professional demeanor is a good example for new staff as they try to find their way in their career as a juvenile corrections officer.

Pflughoeft started employment with the Larned Juvenile Correctional Facility on April 21, 2003, as a Juvenile Corrections Officer I. He was promoted to his current position of Juvenile Corrections Officer II on Nov. 7, 2004.

Kendall Beckwith, Registered Nurse Senior, was selected as the Non-Uniformed Employee of the Third Quarter. His colleagues describe Beckwith’s dedication, competence and initiative, and say he is adaptable, enthusiastic and tactful. He is always in a pleasant mood and his sense of humor brightens everyone’s day. No matter how stressful and chaotic the day is, Kendall maintains his composure and professionalism. Beckwith embodies the definition of teamwork and always maintains a positive attitude. His optimistic personality and dedication to the youth under his care are definitely worthy of recognition.

Beckwith began working at Larned State Hospital in 1998 as a mental health trainee while attending nursing school at Barton County Community College. He worked at the Dillon, Jung and Isaac Ray buildings at Larned State Hospital, and was promoted to a Mental Health Aide, then a Licensed Practical Nurse in 1999. He graduated with an Associate’s in Nursing and passed state boards to become a registered nurse in 2000. In 2007, Kendall returned to Tabor College and completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, graduating with honors in 2009. He began employment with the Larned Juvenile Correctional Facility in July 2009, where he currently works in the Medical Department.

Kendall’s interests include traveling, sports, gardening, reading and lifelong learning.