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Moderate housing request features evaluation criteria
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TOPEKA — Applications for grant funds under the Kansas Moderate Income Housing (MIH) Request for Proposal (RFP) will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

• Ability to identify housing needs of applicant’s community.
• Urgency of housing need, i.e., areas of significant economic development.
• Ability of applicant to address housing need with existing funds.
• Community’s response to housing need to date.

• Describes capacity of applicant to administer the funds, as well as addresses the capacity of any partner or contractor that will be utilized. Applicant must include a resolution from the applicant’s governing body giving applicant the authority to apply for and participate in this RFP;
• Capacity of applicant to administer RFP funds, including resolution from governing body approving participation in RFP, history of applicant, organizational structure, and experience with similar grant/loan administration activities.

• Specifically identified intended use of funds, including allocation of expenditures and expected outcomes.
• Targets moderate income housing needs of community.
• KHRC’s analysis of impact of funds on housing, economic development, government, etc., in community.

• Demonstrates community support for the proposed eligible housing activities.

Provides a certification and supporting documentation of any leveraged funds committed in the application, including how in-kind labor or services have been calculated.
• Specifically identifies and values sources of leveraged funds.
• Proportion of leveraged funds as compared to RFP funds.

• Ability to request and utilize RFP funds in the form of loans (below market) over grants.

• Timeliness of application and responses to requests for follow-up information.
• Thoroughness of application — application completed in its entirety, questions thoroughly answered, supporting documents submitted.
• Ability to meet minimum RFP requirements.
• If multiple proposed housing activities in application, applicant’s priorities clearly stated.