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Pawnee Annie enjoys company of her cats
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By Pawnee Annie

Do you have cats?
We “own” two, and they are “outside” cats. They are not “farm” cats. There is a difference.
No, Belle and Mama are domesticated, lazy, over-privileged, pampered “garage” cats. They have a nice warm bed in the garage, and they probably wouldn’t catch a mouse if it ran right into their paws!
Belle, our brindle colored, fat, female cat has the chutzpah of a domineering wife.
She rules the roost and she calls the shots.
Mama, the grey striped, ex-feral turned “tame” cat totally submits to her.
The latest escapades are these.
Belle won’t let Mama eat out of the bowl until she (Belle) is licking her chops and walking away from the bowl. At this point, Mama, who is totally bigger and stronger than fat Belle, sits back and watches her eat until she is sated.
I decided to feed them in separate bowls. Yes, I bet you are thinking, “Gosh, why hasn’t Annie caught on that she needs to feed them in separate bowls?”
Sometimes I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
The bowls are set about six inches apart. Not only do the cats eat peacefully now, but they also have decided which bowl belongs to which cat. Oh, excuse me — Belle has decided WHICH bowl is whose.
Belle must have been an indoor cat before we adopted her. During cold weather, she waits at the back door for us to open it a crack.
She dashes in between the feet of the oblivious door-opener. Down the basement stairs she bounds, and into the darkness of the basement she hides.
This is not a good thing. If we are gone, and our children are feeding the two little stinkers, and Belle does her “fast-enter act,” and no one, I mean NO ONE can catch her.
Fred cannot catch her either. I perceive that cats do not like big shoes, deep voices, or humans that do not feed them. On the other hand, I simply call her name, and turn on the can opener. She hears it and comes running for her “treat”.
But, back to Fred…
Up to now, Belle has regarded Fred as the ENEMY. However, until lately, he has not deserved nor earned that title.
This time, Fred was ready for her. When he opened the door to go to the garage, he opened it carefully. She was waiting and when she lunged for the door space, Fred caught her with his shoe and she became a “sail cat.”
She didn’t holler, but she caught on. She is a smart girl.
So far, she has not tried that again. She knows. But she dislikes Fred for sure now!


Every town in the Great Bend Tribune circulation area has something unique to offer to the Christmas season.
Larned’s water tower is a Christmas delight for anyone who has driven through Larned during the Thanksgiving-New Year’s season.
The traditional lit-up crown on the water tower is situated on the top of the hill and visible for miles in each direction.
But, Larned apparently has been visited this season by the Grinch who stole Christmas.
The lights are not being turned on this year, much to the chagrin of all the college students coming home, and the many who have anticipated the yearly custom dating back at least 60 years.
The reasons are many, but Annie wants the lights back! Annie and her friends miss the lights. We hope to have them back again next year. And if the citizenry speaks up loud and clear, that will help too!
Gosh, I sure hope Santa can find us!

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