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Pawnee commission signs airport contract
paw jm commission 8-1 kathy bowman
Kathy Bowman

LARNED — The Pawnee County Commissioners met at 9 a.m. Sept. 12 at the Pawnee County Courthouse. Commissioners Donna Pelton, Kathy Bowman and chairman Gary Caplinger were present. Minutes are provided by Ruth Searight, Pawnee County clerk.
• Searight gave the commissioners the following for their review/approval — draft minutes, Sept. 6, 2016; payables; Resolution regarding John Mull, and tax sale; airport building contract; Sign off sheets for the following 2017 budgets: Extension; The Center for Counseling and Consultation; SDSI Inc.; and Conservation District.
• Donna Preisner, Shannon Rogge, Karen Frick and Angie Murray, Pawnee County Extension, discussed some of the redistricting that is being considered in the surrounding counties. Discussed Kiwanis becoming a part of Pride/Extension.
Commissioners assured them they were not considering/looking at Pawnee County joining any other counties.
9:15 a.m. — Preisner and Rogge gave the August report, and updates on programs.
John Settle, Pawnee County attorney, discussed the airport contract that needs to be signed. Commissioners approved and signed the airport contract for the new building.
• Commissioners signed a quit claim deed from Pawnee County to John Mull.
• Commissioners read, corrected and approved the minutes of Sept. 6.
• Commissioners approved and signed checks for payables.
• Commissioners signed the Pawnee County Conservation District 2017 Appropriation form.
9:50 a.m. — Sydney Blanton, director, Larned Chamber of Commerce and PCEDC, gave updates on activities and goals. She discussed a work book. She discussed upcoming meeting and solving problems.
10:25 a.m. — Leon Sanders and Ken Hartman discussed some Camp Pawnee rule changes. Commissioners said they would update some rules and information sheets after a discussion.
• Commissioners approved and signed check for R & B for the new equipment of $152,000.
• Commissioners worked on the 2017 proposed budget draft.
1:10 p.m.—The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting was scheduled at 9 a.m. Sept. 19.