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Pawnee County Commission
Pawnee population drops
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LARNED — The Pawnee County Commission met March 7, 2011 in regular session. The following are approved minutes from the commission clerk Ruth Searight.
9 a.m. — Pawnee County commissioners Donna Pelton, Becky Bowman and John Haas  were present.
Commissioners discussed the new 2010 population figures for Pawnee County that were released by the U.S. Census Bureau, showing a decrease in population of 260 for Pawnee County since the 2000 census.
Commissioners approved a Special Meeting March 11 to adopt a Resolution to set up a Public Building Commission, and appoint three members.  The Commissioners will consider another Resolution to instruct the Public Building Commission to begin steps necessary to finance a replacement hospital for Pawnee Valley Community Hospital, and to address any other business as needed.
Discussed an e-mail from Don Gaeddert, Larned city manager, regarding the airport.
9:45 a.m. — John Settle, Pawnee County Attorney, discussed a letter from the KDOC. He discussed the hospital. He discussed the PCEDC Legislative Committee.
10 a.m. — Kurt Demel, Pawnee County highway administrator discussed a loader at Rocky Tauscher’s that was left to replace the broken windows. Tauscher wants $630 to release the grader and the window is not replaced, and two windows have been broken when Tauscher was trying to replace the window. Demel gave updates on departments. Demel presented and discussed three quotes for mixing asphalt.  Commissioners approved the Hi Plains Sand, Inc., for $52,750. Discussed the need for another loader, and the KDOT used one.
Via telephone, he visited with Bill Cline regarding D Road and the tires that have picked up nails.
10:45 a.m. — Demel and Settle.discussed Bill Cline’s phone call. Via telephone, they visited with Rocky Tauscher about the grader. Commissioners approved paying Tauscher $630 to get the grader, and approved filing a small claim against him in court.
Tom Giessel visited with the commissioners about the Public Building Commission.
11 a.m. — Public Meeting, PVCH Alternative Project Delivery Program.
David Wright, Health Facilities Group, vice president, Medical Planning & Architecture; Matt Heyn, PVCH administrator; and John Settle, County Attorney. They reviewed and discussed the eight submitted Construction Management At-Risk Services, Request for Qualifications, from the following companies — Wiens & Company; Adolfson & Peterson Construction; Key Construction/Cooper Medical; Crossland Construction Company, Inc.; The Law Company, Inc.; Hutton Construction; Murray Company; and J.E. Dunn Construction.
The commissioners accepted the short list for Construction Management At-Risk Services: Hutton Construction; Murray Company; and J.E. Dunn Construction.
Commssioners discussed the next steps are to call references.  Wright will notify the short and long lists. The interviews of the short list will be at 1 p.m., Monday, March 28, and will be in alphabetical order, in executive session. The commission discussed other items that need to be done.
1:30 p.m. — Carl Miller, Pawnee County appraiser, discussed soil types and market study, and the 2010-11 comparison. Informed them that the valuations will go out on March 25, 2011.
1:45 p.m. — Mark Wagner, EM/Zoning present. Commissioners re-appointed the following to another term on the to the Pawnee County Joint Planning Commission — Brenda Gross; Gary Pelton; Jane Zook; Gary Siebert;and Dallas Hiebert. Wagner gave updates on activities and plans for departments.
Commissioners read and approved minutes of Feb. 28. They signed change orders  2010 – 96 thru 00.
3:10 p.m.  — Settle discussed the Public Building Commission, Resolutions and Master Plan.
Derek Slack, Pawnee County undersheriff, visited about a letter commissioners received from KDOC.
Mark Wagner, EM/Zoning, discussed Internet connection at a cost of $39 for assistant EM. Gave other updates on activities.
The commssion appointed Kim Barnes to the CHO Board for Commissioners. They approved and signed checks for payables. They discussed a meeting in Topeka. They discussed Hospital Advisory Board.
4:15—The meeting was adjourned until March 11, 2011, at 2 p.m.