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Pawnee Valley Auxiliary hears candidates
paw jm McNett
Doug McNett

LARNED — The Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Auxiliary met June 27, 2016 in the PVCH meeting room. Barbara Hammond welcomed the group of 36 members. The Auxiliary prayer was read by all. Ruth Colglazier reported the PVCH Auxilary minutes.
Doug McNett was introduced as a candidate for the Pawnee County attorney’s position. McNett stated he had been asked by community members to run for the office of Pawnee County attorney. He also stated that he is very supportive of Pawnee Valley Community Hospital.
He was asked by John Settle to join the office of county attorney and he served as assistant county attorney for 17 years and handled all levels of juvenile and adult criminal offenses, civil commitment and child in need of care proceedings. He has tried to jury verdict more than 20 high level cases including manufacture of methamphetamine, violent sexual offenses, rape and homicide. He accepted the position of director at The Center for Counseling and Consultation in 2015.
However, he stated that he has missed being in the courtroom and trial work. Prior to his work as Assistant County Attorney, McNett was in private practice for several years.
He has completed two legislative internships as well as an internship with the Governor’s Constituency Services office. He was a law clerk for the Kansas Department. of Insurance. McNett’s community and professional service has included serving on the Boards for the Kansas County and District Attorney’s Association (KCDAA), the Center for Counseling and Consultation, the Family Crisis Center, the Sunflower Diversified Foundation and the Larned Juvenile Correctional Facility. Mr. McNett is a past president of the Larned Noon Kiwanis Club and is a 4th Degree Knight with Knights of Columbus.
In his current position with The Center, McNett has implemented a grant with the Pawnee County Health Department to provide a traveling kiosk for the Center’s service area so that citizens can take a confidential mental health assessment and subsequent educational information in an effort to improve services in the four-­county service area of Barton, Pawnee, Rice and Stafford counties.
This service is entitled “Check up from the Neck up.”
Included in this grant has been the issue of computerized tablets for jails, Emergency services and hospitals to provide face time evaluations for possible mental health issues these services may encounter.
McNett stated his contract with The Center ends at the end of this calendar year and he would not seek a new contract if he was successful in his bid for the Pawnee County Attorney position.
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as corrected. The treasurer’s report by Mary Klinge was read by Ruth Colglazier.
A motion was made by Anne Graner and seconded by Meribeth Busenbark. The report was accepted.
John Hughes introduced John Settle to the Auxiliary. Settle reviewed the history of St. Joseph Hospital under auspices of Central Kansas Medical Center and Catholic Health Initiatives and how the county commissioners and he fought and successfully saved the Critical Access License in order to move forward with Pawnee Valley Community Hospital with Hays Medical Center management.
He explained that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires the CAH license be held by a hospital entity such as Hays Med. He pointed out that as part of the the hospital revenue bond issues used to finance the new hospital facility, the Pawnee County Public Building Commission holds the title in trust of the hospital facility, including every piece of equipment furniture, software and any other part of the hospital. Settle reported that Pawnee County pays no fee to Hays Med for the administration services provided.
Due to the affiliation agreement, Hays Med is able to include its costs of administering PVCH in the annual Cost Report which is submitted to CMS who then reimburses Hays Med for those costs.
CMS annually reimburses PVCH in the range of $600,000 to $700,000 for the depreciation on the new hospital facility and its equipment, which helps PVCH pay half of the hospital and county’s annual bond payment.
Janet Skelton read the letter from HAK on the Gold Award of Excellence as presented to the PVCH Auxiliary.

Meribeth Busenbark presented a pamphlet for the picture and color or the gazebo that will be built in the Healing Garden. Sturibuilt will do the turn key job. The one that was chosen is said to be low maintenance. The Auxiliary will have a reception for the Pat Schartz family some time in the fall after the gazebo is completed.
Barbara Hammond reported from Brenda Langdon the dress code policy for PVCH. Denim is not to be worn except on Fridays. Capris can be mid length but no strings, sandals are permitted but no flip­flops. They are noisy and a safety issue. The members of the Auxiliary will comply with the dress code of VCH.
The video on the active shooter will be presented again in November. Marilyn Bell thanked all those who helped with the parade.

Stafford/Pawnee County Relay for Life is scheduled for Aug. 5. The applications for luminaires are available at the front desk. There will be a food sale in July to raise money. All are encouraged to participate.
Meribeth Busenbark stated that Jerry Ford had contacted her about having a Variety Show in January. The question was raised if the Music Club would be helping with this endeavor also. We would be helping with finding the talent, building sets, etc. A discussion followed. This was tabled until the September meeting to appoint a committee.
The hospital will be having a reception for John Hughes on June 30 from 2­3.

Cheer—­­Alicia Bixby reported that she sent out one thinking of you card and one sympathy card.
Scholarship—Carol Walker reported that there is one scholarship opening.
Telephone Tree—Please let Janet Skelton know if there are any changes in phone numbers.
Tray Favors—Cathy Schoonover presented favors for April and June.
Santa Fe Trail Days—Marilyn Bell said the water was well received. She stated that she had very good help. She asked that we think of something other than candy to give out in the parade.
HAK—Marcia King reported that Linda Staiger was elected president for 2017.
Foundation—John Hughes reported that the Healing Garden is in the budget for next year. The Pawnee Valley Community Foundation Gala has been set for Oct. 29, 2016.
Holiday Fair—Carolyn Haas reported that invitations to the vendors have been mailed. Cindy Perez reported that someone is still needed to do the Raffle only on that day. Barbara Hammond reported that someone is still needed to organize the Food Court.
Gift Shop—Meribeth Busenbark reported that there is a new book in the shop. It is by Mr. Sanneman. If you sell his book, please put it in an envelope in the drawer with his name on it. Do not charge tax. Business is slow in the Gift Shop right now.
Scheduling—Connie Carlton reported that she needed three substitutes. The Gift Shop will not be open July 4. She wanted to thank everyone for all the help.
Crafters—Grethe Jensen reported that they were starting on the quilt for the raffle. They also need help with making scrubbies.
Confidentiality reminder—"What you hear here stays here and what you see here stays here when you leave here.” Please remember this.
Annual Member Orientation will be set up Nov. 28 with Brenda Langdon.
Reflection—Janet Skelton presented the following quote by Zig Ziglar “The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.”