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USD 495 board hears reports
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LARNED — The Larned USD 495 heard reports from building administrators and supervisors at a recent meeting of the board of education. The following are approved minutes from the June 13 meeting.
Jay Haremza, USD 495 board president, called the regular meeting to order. Attending were board members Marcia Giessel, Jay Haremza, Brenda Hagerman, Sharon Arnold, Cory Stetler, June Barger, Sharon Lessard, Phil Martin, board attorney, Bonnie Carlson, treasurer, Joyce Simpson, clerk. Absent was Jon Flint, superintendent.
Larned High School
Troy Langdon, Larned High School principal, reports that all pathways for the 2011-2012 classes have been approved by KSDE. He said drivers education classes have 44 students enrolled.
The LHS graduating class for 2011 was 59 students. There will be 80 freshmen starting in the fall.
The Friday/Saturday school was discussed and will be a Thursday/Friday school instead. Langdon stated that these classes will be used for instruction.
The district is requesting two stipends of $4,000 each to be used to cover the expense of the teachers who will be instructing. Langdon stated that he will have the Thursday/Friday program put into written form and will present that to the board at the July meeting. Board president Jay Haremza inquired how this information will go out to the parents. Langdon reported that a letter has been sent out to all parents and students from the principals and they will continue to communicate with the parents and students as much as possible.
Jennifer Anderson, USD 495 curriculum director, reported that 2011 ended up with professional development in the morning on Google apps, common core standards, and the Daily 5 for the elementary.
The middle school teachers worked on AYP state assessments and common core. The high school teachers utilized their time with AYP, MTSS for at-risk, lesson plans, and common core.
Westside worked on Give ‘Em 5, lesson plans, and common core.
Anderson reported that the paras were educated on Jim Fay’s Love and Logic.
She said 15 teachers from each level went to the Kagan Learning Co-op at ESSDACK in Hutchinson. They will help educate their peers. Fifteen teachers from the various levels will be going to Hays to a common core workshop during the summer. They will share information with their peers.
Anderson said the fall kindergarten class will use common core. Anderson said teachers have the opportunity to obtain college courses on-line through Baker University. On-line enrollment went well at kindergarten roundup.
There will be an in-service in August for the online professional development tracking for the teachers.
Daryl Gobin, Larned USD 495 maintenance director, reported that the mowers are running constantly. The gym floors have been finished and are ready to be used.
The removal of asbestos at Phinney was completed and an air-quality check will be done to insure everything is OK. The installation of the new boiler at Phinney is planned.
The “blisters,” on the Northside roof have been patched and it is ready to have the coating sprayed on. The Hillside and ALC roof repair is planned. Gobin said that the maintenance department is moving right along.
Board discussion
Jay Haremza presented outgoing board member Cory Stelter with a plaque for his 10 years of service to education. Stelter thanked the community, administrators and the board for the opportunity to serve.
Haremza attended a KASB legislative session in Garden City June 8 regarding the issues on the activity budget and related educational issues. He feels like the legislature is using a lot of smoke-and-mirrors moving funds to make it appear there is sufficient money for an appropriate education.
June Barger noted tight budgets make it difficult for members to attend KSDE and KASB sessions. It was felt that KASB and KSDE do a lot to keep schools informed and puts pressure on the legislature. Sharon Lessard felt more webinars would keep schools informed. Haremza said KSDE and KASB needs to conduct meetings to address proactive measures instead of reactive measures.
Some of the board members asked what was going on with the Early Childhood Program and whether it was being cut or moved. Haremza said the Early Childhood Program is not being cut, nor is it being moved at this time. He did not realize that board members received letters from concerned parents. The Early Childhood Program will be discussed in executive session.