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Voters will help shape their future
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Judi Tabler

For a brief several weeks, many of us will be engrossed in March Madness Basketball, and either feel sick when a team loses, or experience elation when some of our favorites win.
But, this is just a game, and although it is taken seriously by many, it won’t make us or break us.
However, there is an election coming up and this is not a game. It carries serious consequences, and the reverberations of our choices these past many years and the choices ahead could threaten the very existence of our nation.
The truth is, whether we want to accept or deny it, we are at war. This past week’s bombing in Brussels is merely another nail in the coffin named “conflict coming.”
Whether you are Democrat or Republican, right wing, or left wing, there are some things to acknowledge during this time.
First of all, many of the electorate has not studied. It has not done its homework. There’s a multitude of understandable excuses. Either people are too busy working, raising a family, attending sporting events, or struggling with their own issues at home to take an active interest. Or perhaps they just don’t care! They neither understand how our government works, nor comprehend the importance of the Constitution.
There are others who don’t vote at all. What a pitiful shame.
Conversely, there is a grassroots uprising in this great nation who is studying voraciously the principles that have made our nation great, and they are deciding how to vote based on research and knowledge. They follow the issues and study historic precedents that might be warnings. These citizens are genuinely concerned and very worried about the fate of our nation.
It’s a fact that men and women have shed blood defending our flag, our Constitution, and our way of life.
But, in merely a short brief time, we have ignored carelessly those precious symbols and guidelines. Unfortunately, we find ourselves with little knowledge or responsibility to adequately support the tenets and foundational principals that this country was built upon. The rights that we possess; those rights that nations all over the earth have jealously envied; those rights require responsibility to insure that they remain solid, secure, and understood.
Shame on our society! It is waking up — but slowly.
The many years of subjecting our impressionable youth to fanatical, warped, over- privileged professors in our once “finest” universities have finally come home to roost. The years of doling out (Welfare) money from generation to generation, creating a sub-society that has no initiative nor desire to work has also come home to haunt us.
We have encouraged ignorance and a “gimme” mentality.
Thus, we have inherited an electorate that believes that more central government is best, and that the role of the Government is to take care of us from cradle to grave. This group believes that the government should pay for our college, for our children who are born, for our health care, and a million other things.
What business has the federal government ever run successfully? The Veterans Administration? Affordable Health Care? The Train System? Education?
Certainly, many of the elected are too busy voting for more perks for themselves; for separate health care, enormous pensions, and privileges beyond belief.
History teaches.
It’s vital to pay attention. “Political Correctness” dictates that these candidates for the highest office in the land should not argue, nor throw barbs at each other. But, political candidates have never gotten along. Remember the duel between Alexander Hamilton, the then former secretary of the treasury and Aaron Burr, the then vice-president? During the duel, Burr mortally wounded Hamilton.
Goodness. Such bad boys! They should have been nicer to each other. Can’t we all just be friends?
The founders of our nation lost their property, their wealth, their reputations, their honor, and their lives standing for what is right and what is precious to us in the United States of America. And believe me, they argued!
However you vote, and I hope you have the decency to do so, please spend some time becoming knowledgeable and informed. Don’t vote for X just because you have always voted for that party.
No, nothing is perfect. We cannot fix everything immediately. But we are in trouble. Acknowledge that fact, and become a responsible, informed voter. Laziness is no excuse, nor is staying home.
We have several months until Nov. 18 to study and learn. Do it.

“A Woman’s View” is Judi Tabler’s reflection of her experiences and events. She is a wife, mother, writer, teacher, grandmother, and even a great grandmother. Contact