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Pawnee Valley Community Hospital to part ways with University of Kansas Health System

LARNED — After a five-year partnership, Pawnee Valley Community Hospital and the University of Kansas Health System will be working independently, according to a release by Pawnee Valley Community Hospital last week. 

The separation from University of Kansas Health System also includes HaysMed, which is a managing partner of Pawnee Valley Community Hospital.

“This is  a business story where these hospitals came together with the same vision and five years later all parties have decided to pursue the goals of access to affordable health care separately,” said Jill Chadwick, director of Media Relations for University of Kansas Health System.

Chadwick said all facilities in Great Bend, including the hospital, St. Rose Medical Pavilion, and the family medicine practice on Polk Street, will remain part of The University of Kansas Health System. “The legal agreement ending is only between the health system and HaysMed/Pawnee Valley Campus,” she said.  

The transition will take several months to complete and, until then, HaysMed and Pawnee Valley Community Hospital will remain part of the system.

The change in relationship is not expected to have an impact on patients, patient care, employees, facilities and the local communities.